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What are affiliate links: 

Affiliate links are links that allow me to make a small commission off of your purchase. You do not pay any extra (and can sometimes find coupons that will save you money) but I make a small percentage off of the regular price for allowing the ad on my website. The commission I make from affiliate links help keep this site running and allow me to bring you more free patterns! 

What you may do with the patterns designed by Amanda Evanson at MNE Crafts: 

  • make projects for yourself, your friends and your family 
  • make projects for any charity of your choice 
  • make projects for public or private raffles 
  • make projects to sell at any venue, online or live, including but not limited to Etsy, eBay, Artfire, etc.
  • print the pattern and share it with others so long as my name and links are all located on the page

What you may NOT do with the patterns designed by Amanda Evanson at MNE Crafts: 

  • you may NOT use my photos to sell your finished items (you should take your own photo and try to sell your work, not mine) 
  • you may not use my patterns for mass production (sell 5... sell 10... but a mass order for 50... 75...100? Not okay) 
  • you may not use or give out my patterns for video tutorials or online classes (if people can get the pattern from your video they don't need to get it from my blog) 
  • you may not claim any of my patterns as your own (they are protected under copyright laws!!) 
  • you may not sell any of my patterns as your own (be careful out there... some people steal and sell FREE patterns!) 
  • you may not use any of my patterns to make a kit for sale without permission

What you do not have to do with patterns designed by Amanda Evanson at MNE Crafts: 

  • give credit for a finished item
    • While I appreciate the thought/gesture of you wanting to give me credit for the design, it is not required nor particularly wanted. If someone asks, by all means, give them the link to the pattern but you do not need to list me as the designer when selling or gifting a finished item

A special note to other bloggers/designers. If you would like to feature one of my patterns on your website you have my permission to use my images so long as you do not alter them in anyway (this violates copyright laws) and do not copy the pattern to your page. You only have my permission to use the unaltered photo I share and a link back to the page. - and please feel free to let me know you featured me! It always makes my day.

Thank you all for your cooperation!

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