Graph Hats

Designing started almost as an accident for me. I still remember my first design and how I timidly asked the very first tester I'd ever worked with if the pattern was good enough to list for sale. When she said yes, I placed it for seal. From there I went on to a mermaid tail. I started loving designing! I decided to make my daughter a special hat and, at the age of 3 she very much loved hearts and pink.

I decided to make her a pink hat with a pink heart in the hat. I tried doing a regular graph like I had in the past but the colors kept bleeding through and were to visible. So I started experimenting with ways to change that. I tried doing regular stitches and then just the heart in front post stitches. I was almost there but it wasn't quite right... so I tried doing it all in front post stitches and that is what you see before you.

What started as a heart hat for my daughter has turned into so much more! I now have over 20 different graphs out with several still focused on a heart. That was the start after all :p

The best part of this graphing journey has been the friends I've made along the way though. <3 I hope you all enjoy these patterns and the ones that are bound to come along in the future! 

Graph Hat Photo Tutorial

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