Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Emy's Booties

Over a year ago, I ended up down this crochet journey with a whole different graphing technique that finally has landed me here... graph booties! The very first graph hat I ever did was named "The Emy's Beanie" after my daughter, because she was the sole inspiration behind it. I am again using that name with this new line of booties...

The Emy's Booties! To skip all the details and purchase go to RAVELRY or ETSY!

So first, I'm going to give you all the info regarding the pattern and then I'm going to share the update regarding my son as I know several of you have been following our story. But first? Let's get the info about these shoes taken care of! But do make sure you scroll to the bottom to check out the awesome coupons that will be available until the 8th. 

These little booties come in sizes:





And the best part is the instructions for the 5/6 are super easy despite the shoe being larger, so that's a bonus for sure! Gauge is important for these shoes because I base the gauge on the sole size. If your sole doesn't match the measurements I list, none of the shoe will.

Also, as always, I include a hints and tips section and in it, I give a good tip on how to make these more functional for the walking children ;) Eventually I'll do a tutorial on rubber soles but until I do check out all of these compiled by Moogly HERE. My personal preference is to use a 1" foam brush (like a $1 at home depot) and paint inside the loop outline left and painting on an entire sole. Then once that dries, adding a 2nd coat. Makes for a nice thick rubber sole :) Now... go buy the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy by clicking the links below! And, an added bonus? Use code: EMY for Ravelry and EMY25  for Etsy to get 25% off until midnight on the 5th MST.




Size 5/6 

This little cutie is rocking these graph boots, an adorable tank AND an awesome bow pattern (which can be purchased HERE). PSSST - use code EMY on this pattern and get 25% off until through the 5th!

Now... onto the part about my son! 

For those who haven't seen my previous posts, they can be found HERE and HERE (also check them out for great deals which I'll summarize below.

When I first found out the news about my son needing double eye surgery, I think I went into shock a little. I'm very "research oriented" and typically know a fair bit before I even go talk to a doctor about an issue, but for whatever reason... his eye problem escaped me. I didn't know anything but what she was telling me. And naturally, after she gave her recommendation I did research! But everything I was finding supported what she said.

It was around this time that a lady messaged me through my business page to tell me about a way to look up doctors that might give a second opinion that wouldn't be in favor of surgery. Little did we know, that she lived just one city over from myself and in the exact same city that I was having my son seen in! Small world huh?

She recommended a specific eye clinic and I made the appointment. May I just say I am so glad I did. His opinions were very different from the other doctors and the one we were most hopeful for was the one stating that we don't have to do surgery right now... we have time.

The only unfortunate part is that my son does clearly have exotropia. For now, it is intermittent so its a matter of whether it will continue to get worse, can we combat it with therapies at home and if not, will the therapies with the doctor help? We have frequent eye appointments to look forward to and then once my son hits his next birthday, if the therapies and check-ups haven't corrected the problem he is having, the appointments will increase even more because he will be going in for more focused therapies with the doctor. At the end of the day, he said we may still be looking at surgery... but he knows we have time before that is the option we need to pursue.

And until we reach that point, the goal is to continue using crochet to raise money for the therapies, changes in prescriptions as his eyes change (we just bought my son glasses last month and may need to buy him new glasses in a couple of months) and continue on that path moving forward.

Thank you all so much for the prayers, the support and the sales as we go through this new medical journey with our son. It all means so much to me <3 And has helped relieve so much stress with this happening just a few months before we are to bring our new baby into the world.

The coupons 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 & Exotropia will continue to be good until the 8th! Click the links at the start of this description for more details.


  1. So happy to see this update! Good luck to you guys and I hope continue to improve!!

    1. Have been keeping you in my prayers & will continue to do so. A day at a time!