Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Peacock Petal Summer Slouch

This pattern was a lot of fun to make and even more fun to name. I sat and stared at it and was so clueless on the name that I turned to people for help and the name suggestions were awesome! There were so many I loved but ultimately... I went with a mixture of describing the hat and just a fun name! Thus we have the Peacock Petal Summer Slouch! Enjoy ;)

Back after I competed in the Round 3 of Battle of the Stitches, I fell in love with the yarn from one of the sponsors... The Silk Drop. They had a fantastic sale going on and were fantastic people to talk to so I bought some and knew I'd have to let it speak to me. I didn't realize it would take the rest of winter before it would speak to me. I guess the yarn just knew it was perfect for warm weather. :) And, speaking of the Battle of the Stitches, some of you may recognize the center of the hat as being the motif from round 5! 

The pattern can be purchased at Ravelry & Etsy. Use code SLOUCH to get 15% off of the pattern for the next 24 hours on Ravelry (ends at 5/13/15) at Midnight MST (as Etsy won't allow me to make a code for a single item). Enjoy!!




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