Friday, April 24, 2015

This Community has so Much Love...

and you all give it so freely. I am so honored and proud to be apart of the crochet world. The love, the encouragement, the messages, the comments... they have all done such a beautiful job of lifting me up. I've been so overwhelmed with the stories, the heart and the encouragement that I've not even been able to focus on the fears that surround surgery on a child. - You can read my first post about my son's surgery HERE. I will be running different promotions and sales until May 8th while we try to raise the money for his surgery <3

***You can skip to the bottom of this post or click HERE to go directly to my Ravelry store if you do not want to read the story - promotion will run through midnight May 8th MST. <3***

Just thank you. Thank you all so much <3

My son's surgery has been scheduled for the 15th. The doctor felt it best we get it on the calender and work on everything else in the mean time, which made sense to my husband and I as well. However, after a lady reached out to me through my Facebook business page (it was rather ironic, because when she messaged me, we had no idea she was in the city over which is the same city my son's surgery will take place in!) I was able to find another office who will see my son quickly. We will be getting a 2nd opinion then.

I will be surprised if this doctor's recommendations are different but am definitely open to them being different! If there is an alternative to surgery, I say... let's do it! But with how bad his eyes have been, the fact they are getting worse combined with the glasses not helping, I am choosing to stay realistic rather than to optimistic so I won't have to deal with any influx of difficult emotions.

My little man showing off his Exotropia :p
My son has always gotten tons of cuddles but may I just say... when this type of thing happens you are able to find every extra second you have in a day to cuddle your child more? We even finished off last night with a three way squirt gun fight during his bath (my daughter joined in). I won... and that's the story I'm stickin' too :p

Anyways... people have asked that I update the situation and with all the support I've recieved from so many, I truly feel like so many of you are on this journey with my family and I. Not only will I keep everyone updated with all the information I get, but I'm totally going to spam you with ridiculously cute images of my little boy and amazing deals in my shop so you all can save money on patterns you want and I can continue to raise money for my son's surgery. <3

I know I'm biased... but I totally think he rocks the toddler glasses and the pink car ;)
The deal I'd like to start today is a buy # $ save % deal. Check out everything below and save, save, save. And again... from every inch of my heart... THANK YOU!

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These codes will expire May 8th at Midnight - just one week before my son's surgery <3 They are good on any single patterns! There is no limit on how many times you can use these codes! Use one today, use one tomorrow and then use another one the next day. Or use multiple codes all in the same day!

And, of course my Autism patterns are still at 50% off until the end of April - just use code AUTISM when checking out. And my new Graph Hat collection book is 20% off with code EXOTROPIA :)

Yup, this about sums up his personality haha :)

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