Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Time Slouch Hat

I've been so busy with my kiddo and the sales working towards that goal, that I hadn't realized I hadn't released a pattern since the animal graphs! Though, in my defense... there were four patterns released at once then ;)

That realization did kick my butt into gear that now that we are having warmer weather, pretty much across the country, I need to get an in between hat ready! So... as an early release tonight (because I'm impatient to get it out and excited to share with you all) I present the Spring Time Slouch Hat:

***Love the pattern and want to skip all the extra info below? Go HERE to purchase it  on Ravelry or HERE to purchase it on Etsy.***

This pattern worked up fairly quickly for me (I designed it yesterday and then tested the pattern and took images today, so it takes a bit less than a day to make it up depending on how fast you are - I'm pretty slow). 

The material is I Love This Cotton and I only used one skein in the solid hat I made up and scraps of left overs I had for the 2nd. So long as you have a total of one skein's worth, you'll be good to go! (It did use all but like 3-6 inches of a skein so if you're planning on following the instructions in the pattern for an extra slouchy hat, please account for that.) 

The pattern doesn't call for a lot of complex stitches and just about any skill level can do this hat. It's not the intricate stitching that make this hat awesome but how simple stitches were used to create an awesome and beautiful look! 

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To buy the pattern on Ravelry click the links below (or the ones at the top). 



Another angle of the hat pictured at the top <3

Another way to wear it that I thought looked cute - plus how it looks in a solid color. 

And the back in a solid color. 

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