Thursday, October 30, 2014

Queen Emy's Hooded Cape

Like hundreds of little girl's across America, my darling 3 year old (going to be 4 at the end of the year!!) wanted to be Frozen's Elsa for Halloween! Being a designer, I wanted her costume to have a unique spin to it so my MIL and I teamed up to design her a dress. The trick? Matching the dress to the cape I had already designed using some CUSTOM hand dyed yarn from Yarn Baby LLC (click the link to her website and comment with your favorite color from her to enter for a chance to win this pattern for free!). It was so funny going through Joanns trying to match all the fabric to this item because it has different shades within it.

I'm going to say we did a bang up job with the color coordination ;)

This hooded cape features the cabled/braid stitch from the Battle of the Stitches Round 3 where my design was an adult hooded cape (different design to it). The cables/braids add a little thickness to it without making it to warm and the lacy design between each cable/braid adds a unique "wintery" touch to it! Add a little fun fur (not in the stitch you think it is) and a wire dog brush (I'm not joking) and you have a perfect furry edging that doesn't even look crocheted. - I actually got stopped in the fabric store so they could poke my brain and figure out how I got the edging to look so perfect and "non-stitched" LOL - it's an effective and easy technique!

With that, you can find the pattern on Ravelry & Etsy (linked below) and see more pictures of my adorable kids in their costumes! And make sure you enter to win a free copy of this pattern by heading over to Yarn Baby LLC (the talented dyer of this yarn) and comment with your favorite color! Also, you can get all individual patterns (not including this one) on sale at 50% off from my ravelry store until tomorrow so make sure you poke around and see what else you like :D




Another view of the hooded cape. The hood has a medium fit, not to tight or to loose and it better shows the lacy design between the cables too! 

My MIL and I put our brains together and designed this dress. She used the layout from a different dress pattern, combined it with a couple of other patterns and added her own artistic touch to it. I think we succeeded in giving my daughter a one of a kind Elsa dress! 

My handsome prince in his handmade costume! My MIL is a sewing genius ;) 

Aaaand one of the sweetest pictures you'll see today ;) <3 


  1. I actually just made myself a hat using her Vintage Rose!! Love it! Think my new favorite is 'Til Summer

  2. I love the coloration format of the pop of pink. However, I want to get it in turquoise/teal.

  3. What a perfect match! My favorite would ge Pop of Pink!

  4. You both did a beautiful job and your babies are gorgeous!

  5. I like the Icy and peaches and cream.