Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MNE Crafts Collection - Volume 2

For the past several months, I've been designing my little butt  off so that I could excitedly bring you this incredible offer. 18 patterns for just $19.99. That is over a $55 savings!!! This book would make a great Christmas gift OR a great way for you to make Christmas gifts! 

This eBook includes several beanie patterns (in multiple sizes), a back 2 school set featuring my ice cream cone stitch, Halloween patterns and more! It's just in time for you to make everything you need for your loved ones with the coming holidays. 

This book is complied into chapters so you can easily access any pattern from the contents page and has images throughout so you know what you're making and what look you're going for. In fact, this book has over 65 pages in it!

From pillows to holidays to shoes, this book truly does have everything and for such a great price. This is basically a buy 3-4 patterns and get 14 - 15 FREE! ;) It just doesn't get better then that. 

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