Monday, September 15, 2014

Random Pattern Find - Crystal Ice Beanie

Okay, I must be honest (I just can't lie to you all).... this hat wasn't entirely randomly found. It sort of came to me. I guess it found me! As you all know, I'm in the Battle of the Stitches, round 3 and so is the designer of this hat Misty Makes! This was a pattern she had done for another contest... and it is absolutely stunning! When I saw the stitch design I knew I had to learn it because projects were literally coming out of the center of the hat and bouncing towards me reverse star wars style (lol).

So yeah... check out the FREE pattern HERE and get busy making it!!

Oh... and in case you missed it... go get a FREE pattern from my shop by going HERE (only good until the 17th!)

So I worked up this hat... made a terrible mistake which I'll explain to you all so you don't repeat my mistake with this project (or any for that matter).

As you can see, I'm using my baby head to model this hat... buuuuuut the pattern is sized for an adult (and it stretches around an adult head easily) but I didn't check my gauge so I didn't compensate my tighter stitches by adding additional rounds... and it won't go over my ears LOL.

It worked out, though, because my daughter LOVES it and it fits her perfectly. With all the stretch from the start, you can stick it on you or your kiddo and it will fit! If you do want it to fit a child a bit tighter I suggest cutting off 5 or 10 stitches and working it as the pattern says. I say 5 or 10 because this stitch pattern is worked in counts of 5 so if you only cut off 4 stitches, you'd have one left over... if you cut out 6 stitches then you'll be one short.

As you can see, I used fall colors but you can do this hat in ANY assortment of colors. Think red, white and green for Christmas... these colors for fall... blue and silver just because (after all, you don't have to use three colors). The possibilities are simply endless! One thing I want to do with this hat is instead of following the decrease instructions... just keep going a bit higher, sew the top together and add pom-poms to the corners and have a square beanie. I think this style could totally pull that off!

Now go... make hat... be creative with hat... watch star wars.. ;) lol

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