Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nothin' But Loops Cowl

Get the pattern at Ravelry or Etsy linked below.


The beautiful cowl you see adorning this lovely ladies neck is a one skein cowl made with Red Heart Medley. 
Medley is one of Red Heart's newest materials and is absolutely beautiful! The material is soft, it is thick and it is squishy... in my books, that makes it perfect for anything you want to wear! This material runs just under $6 bucks a skein on Red Heart's Website  which really makes this cowl even better because you'll only need one skein! 

Now, enough about the material, let's talk about the pattern! This pattern has an elegant look to it. It's warm, it utilizes the thickness of the material and accents it! Regardless of your skill level, you'll enjoy working up this cowl and it would make a great project to sell or gift! 
The pattern includes two different ways to join or you can just sew the ends together. What's really nice about this cowl is, if you'd like to get another 2-3 skeins of the material, it would make a gorgeous scarf! Two different projects out of just one pattern always makes life nice ;) 

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