Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Pattern Set

As a mother, I am all about safety and as a designer I am also all about crochet. That's what makes Red Heart Yarn's new material Reflective so incredible! You can make completely normal items with the material and it double as a safety item! 

Both of these items were designed with cost in mind. The material runs about $7 at the local Wal-Mart and only has 88 yards in it... so I knew I needed to design a pattern that didn't use to much. I refused to go over 2 skeins each with my two designs and was actually able to keep it right under a full two skeins so there is a bit left over! Awesome right?! 

Now, let's talk these new items I've designed, starting with the pumpkin bucket! 

This pumpkin has a couple of nice little features to it. As you can see in the bottom picture, it looks pretty normal and then in the top pictures it shows the reflection material side by side. While you're kids are trick or treating, they WILL be seen and in the dark, that is a good thing! 

This pumpkin also has a nifty little feature that allows it to "grow". If you look at a real pumpkin, you'll see slight indents going up the side in a symmetrical pattern. This pumpkin has that too! As it fills with candy it fills out and goes from a "baby" pumpkin to a full grown pumpkin that can hold 3-4 regular sized bags of candy. 

That's a lot of candy! 

Now, because of the intricate design of this pumpkin that looks a bit simpler than it is, you can change the colors as indicated in the pattern and have a spider's web!!! Awesome right?  

On to the witch's hat! 

As I was designing this hat I saw it being more than one item. I realized I could make it a great bucket that could hold a lot of candy AND the perfect witch's hat for my daughter (even though she is going to be a princess lol). A good sturdy witch hat costume at a costume store can easily run you $20 and in material, this is right around $15 so there is a savings and it has that added in quality of the reflective material that will help keep your little witch safe! 

And if your child isn't going to be a witch it still makes a great bucket! Instructions are included on how to make the straps removable so that it can be either without those straps getting in the way! 

Nifty right? And like the first patter, this pattern includes instructions on how to turn it into a completely different item with the color changes. Can you guess what? ;) 

You can buy these patterns individually or as a set at Ravelry or Etsy below: 



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