Friday, September 26, 2014

Battle of the Stitches Round 3 Reveals and Voting!!

The round 3 battle has almost come to a close which also means that my life is about to slow down! The battle definitely kept me busy. I knew I'd have fierce competition but these designs blew me away! Everyone did such a fantastic job.

In fact, that little princess costume there completely changed how my mother-in-law and I are making my daughter's Queen Elsa costume for Halloween! I have plans to make it, the Christmas wreath/tree/table runner set, the poncho, one of the various beanies here and maybe even one of those darling cape. Heck, Quite frankly, I don't even drink coffee but see myself sitting down with some hot chocolate and forcing in some reading time just because that picture resembles what I thought I'd get to do when I was a "grown up" LOL.

All of these designs are incredible and you all have one heck of a challenge ahead of you... you have to go and vote for your favorite which will enter you in to win one of THREE free copies of the magazine containing ALL of these beautiful patterns. And if you don't win, the magazine sells for one low price that makes it more than worth it!

Head on over to well... HERE and put in your vote! :)

I now have one last thing to say and this part of my blog is an open letter to those who run the BOS and the wonderful contestants of Round 3.

These past few weeks have come with so many emotions. We all want to win for the same reason: no bias, no contest... just a win based on the design. But that desire to win didn't pit us against one another it pulled us to one another. We vented to each other, we lifted each other up in excitement and we all squealed equally loud when we finally got to see the 12 most beautiful reveals ever.

The BOS has the goal of seeing if 12 designers can all design something different despite being given the same stitch and the same theme. Not only did we all achieve that, we achieved more! It has been an honor working with you all. <3

Good luck and we all won something this round, regardless of who takes home the ever awesome prize packages!

Amanda @ MNE Crafts :)


  1. Thank you Manda! You have been awesome and I'm glad to have met you! I too am blown away by what everyone came up with, I cannot wait until Tuesday! :)