Friday, August 8, 2014

Crochet Scavenger Hunt - It's Time to Play the BIG Hunt!!!

The time has come! The official scavenger hunt starts today!!! But not until 5:00 pm mountain time so all of you who work will have time to play yourself. Below, you'll find all the questions for the hunt! Leave this page open as you go through the hunt so you never lose track of where you need to head next! - (you can achieve this by having more then one web page open or using the tabs feature that the browser offers) - Once you finished, please e-mail your answers to with the subject reading "Scavenger Hunt Game". The game lasts from Friday at 5:00 PM through Monday Morning. All winners will be announced Wednesday at 5:00pm Mountain time here at MNE Crafts! 

Are you worried that you won't win because you're starting the game to late? Don't let that deter you! Acorn Tree Creations and MNE Crafts are offering a small participation prize to everyone who e-mails in their answers! From Acorn Tree Creations you will get a Santa Hat pattern and from MNE Crafts you will get a Beaded Slouch Beanie pattern!  That's two free patterns just for joining in on the fun and playing ;)

Head over HERE to enter a rafflecopter giveaway for an annual pass at The Hooked Haberdasher. 
Check out the prizes you can win HERE

Just to recap: The first 3 to finish win the 3 grand prizes. Everyone else that completes the hunt will win 2 free patterns! No one walks away empty handed!

To play your game follow the steps below! 

1 - First up we have MNE Crafts

Question 1) How many websites do I have listed under the "My Websites" tab? 
Question 2) Search "boy" in the search bar at the top left of the page. A round-up of 10 of my favorite free patterns will pop up. Which pattern most meets description "boy"? 

2 - Next up we have Mamachee!

Question 1) How many blanket patterns are listed under the "blankets" category? 
Question 2) What color is my shirt in the picture of me in the "about me" section of my website? 

3 - Your next stop is The Hooked Haberdasher!

Question 1) What color is my hat in my main profile picture? 
Question 2) What size cowboy hat did I blog about? 

4 - Now head on over to Simply Collectible Crochet

Question 1) On my free patterns page, (counting from left to right) which pattern is 9th? 
Question 2) As of today, 8/8/14, what is my latest free pattern? 

5 - Your fifth stop will be Cre8tion Crochet

Question 1) What two options do I offer in my affiliates program? 
Question 2) Under the tutorials tab, I list a few different tutorials I offer. Go to the seamless crochet tutorial. Which method did I come up with? 

6 - Next comes The Clay Sheep :D

Question 1) How many sections do I have in my shop not including the one titled "All Items"? 
Question 2) Which set of stitch markers have the largest quantity in one set? 

7 - Up for your 7th stop is Danyel Pink Designs

Question 1) What is the first free pattern I offer on my blog? 
Question 2) How many vendors participated in my Big Summer Pattern Sale on June 22, 2014? 

8 - This hunt ain't over yet! Head on over to Keep Me in Stitchez to find your next set of answers! 

Question 1) How old was I when I first learned to crochet? 
Question 2) On which blog can you find my Itty Bitty Tighty Whities pattern on? 

9 - Now you're starting to near the end. Stop #9 is Pattern Paradise

Question 1) What's the name of the new hat that's featured at the beach photoshoot? 
Question 2) Name one designer featured on FAN-tastic Friday. 

10 - Head on over to KatiDCreations

Question 1) What branch of the military is my cousin in? 
Question 2) How many children do I have? 

11 - Your final stop! Acorn Tree Creations

Question 1) On my blog, what was the day 5 prize from last years 12 days of Christmas giveaway? 
Question 2) According to my blog, what was my favorite crochet creation from 2013? 

And once you finish up there, just come right back to here! If you get lost along the way you can message any one of us (all of our websites and facebook pages are linked HERE) and ask questions! Just e-mail me your answers at with Crochet Scavenger Hunt in the subject! And remember, you get 2 free patterns just for completing the hunt! 


  1. phew!!!! just messaged you!! thanks for a great fun contest!!!! :)

  2. I just messaged you too!! That was fun!

  3. This was fun. Thanks for a great contest.

  4. The last website comes up as I can't finish the contest :(

    1. The last website is not malicious, I can assure you. Sometimes programs don't always get it right ;)

    2. You can try the direct link and type it in yourself or even google it if that might help assure you.

  5. Okay!! I'm finished and have sent mine in. Now to go back over these sites!

  6. Step 6 in the mini one link goes here but I have searched everywhere for an insect and can't find it. Was it supposed to go to another website?

    1. You are in the right area. Think "butterfly" ;) And then scroll down my main page. You can also check out my latest random pattern find for the answer.

  7. Most stressful hunt ever! But im glad i got it in early. Hope i win!