Friday, August 1, 2014

Rainbow Round Up - 10 Free Crochet Patterns

This week's round up (because I didn't forget this time lol) is all about rainbows. Actual rainbows, rainbow color arrangements and... well a mixture of the two! In this round up you will find abundant talent, design and an amazing passion for crochet from tons of different designers! - Just click the pictures to go to the free patterns!

Sometimes I have a really hard time choosing between two patterns that are similar but different as well. This one was an easy choice though. It is an incredible pattern, comes in two languages and will leave you completely satisfied in your finished product! 

My own children never really did the crib thing. Well, my daughter did for a couple of months but no sooner did we start using it did she learn how to climb out. None the less, I really want an excuse to make this beautiful project! 

This beautiful scar would look... well beautiful in any color! It's such a nice looking scarf! Major kudos to the designer, right?! 

So, the point of this clutch is... well a clutch. But with school season not that far away I'm sitting here thinking pencil case and then using the same pattern to work up a backpack! It would be a wonderful set to send any little girl to school in :) Or, just leave it a clutch and send your teen daughter to school with so she has somewhere cute to put her lunch money! 

I. Love. This. The end. I don't need to say anymore. I love it. I want it. My kids will want it too and I'll be like NO it's mine. lol Then I'll give it to them and make me another one :p 

This hat is AWESOME... but then again, so is everything Miss SnappyTots comes up with! 

Cre8tion Crochet came out with this not to long ago and I loved it the second I saw it. I can just imagine a toddler toddling around with it! 

This is another pattern that would work great in any color but especially pulls of the rainbow variation! 

So, when I saw this blanket my first thought, as a designer myself, was "dang, such creativity! This is incredible". I stand by my original assessment. incredible. 

This just looks so beautiful. Simple, lovely and could be so much more! A blanket lovey for twins. One would get the sun, one would get the rainbow. Perfect right? Or just as is decorating a bed or dresser. Perfect again! 


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