Friday, August 15, 2014

Crochet Shawl Round Up - 10 Free Patterns

Here at MNE Crafts, I will soon be releasing my very first shawl pattern. In preparation, I thought I'd share 10 other beautiful shawl/wrap patterns with you!! Enjoy ;) 

This shawl is perfect if you're aiming for something light and decorative! Find the pattern HERE.

There were a couple of things I liked about the look of this shawl. The first was how decorative it looked and the second was how easy it looked. I imagine the pattern works up VERY easily which makes it perfect for everyone! Find the pattern HERE

This wrap will actually end up being a random pattern find for me at some point. I've a couple that I'm working on that could very well end up as Christmas gifts. :p We shall see. Find the pattern HERE.

So this is more of a poncho but it's beautiful so I added it anyways. :D Find the pattern HERE.

I recently just designed some "Daddy and Me" matching beanies that have a similar zig-zag design. Being in love with the zig-zag made this beautiful shawl an easy choice to include. Find the pattern HERE

I really enjoyed the elegant and professional look of this one. I could totally see wearing it to a fancy get together. Find the pattern HERE

Does this one look so warm? It's a perfect option for those living in colder areas like I do! Find the pattern HERE

I found this pattern to be very unique. Which made it a perfect addition! Find the pattern HERE

This is simple looking, super cute, has a professional look to it and is a video tutorial which means you will have step by step directions in figuring it out! Find the tutorial HERE

Not only does this wrap look super warm but it can be made with one skein of yarn! So that means for around $5 bucks, you can make a beautiful wrap that would easily sell for $45-55 at a craft fair ;) Check out the pattern HERE

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