Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crochet Scavenger Hunt - The Game, The Rules & The Prizes

So, in my last post you met the contributors. You got to head to all over our links and show us some love (and if you haven't, you still can by going HERE - which you might want to because it includes one of our games that gives you a chance to win prizes!) Anyways... let's get on to what this whole exciting thing is about! Oh, but first, again... this is a scavenger hunt! Make sure you read all of the post to find the next hidden game so you can win free prizes!

The entire point of this game is to introduce you all to our websites, give you a fun and creative reason to dig through them and meet incredible people all working in the fiber arts industry to make crocheting easier for you! The map you see above has every single one of the stops you'll need to make in order to complete the game starting from the very 1st blog (yours truly) all the way to the very last one! At each blog, you'll find questions that will have you searching all over the website trying to find the answers before anyone else does. Some questions will be listed on the actual website and some may be listed here at mine and you'll have to hop back and forth to find the answers (we can't make it to easy, now can we?).

If this sounds like a little bit of work... don't worry, it kind of is... but the pay off is incredible! For the first THREE people to accurately complete the hunt and be a fan of every participants listed social media sites (they are listed on the first scavenger hunt post I linked above and if you don't have every single account for those, don't worry, just be a fan where you can and if you win, let us know) you will win three INCREDIBLE prizes.

The first person to accurately answer every question... you will win this:

Yes... I am serious. No... your eyes are not playing jokes on you. You see a HUGE Red Heart Package with TONS of yummy yarn and a few other awesome items. You also see a Lightscoop up above the Red Heart package and next to that you will see a YEAR subscription to a delightful crochet magazine! On the bottom you will see four images of crochet items. The grand prize winner will win all four of the patterns for these items! 


Be sure to head to all of their websites and show them some love for making this prize possible!!

Before we start the rules of the game... let's talk about the next mini game and YOUR chance to win the mini treasure hunt game prize! Head on over to THIS website and find the post containing your hidden treasure. Your hint? Princess Sandals - Now finish reading this post and get to searching... or search and then read... lol  if the email won't work message me on Facebook! How about an added surprise? a second copy to a randomly drawn winner who got all the answers correct. Keep playing because you could win the book too! And a little hint? Just scrolling down the main pages can really help! ;)  

Next up we have the 2nd place prize which will go to the 2nd person to accurately answer the hunt. 

For the second place winner we have an awesome handmade yarn bowl, handmade stitch markers (for crochet or knit), a clay pen AND three free patterns. Pretty awesome sauce to come in second place too, right? Please be aware that the winner of the 2nd place prize will pay shipping on the yarn bowl. 


Check out these awesome sites, explore them and prepare for the hunt!! The more you know their stuff, the more likely you are to win! 

The the final prize in the Scavenger Hunt is this third place prize. 

This awesome prize package includes a cute little sheep scissor holder (never lose your scissors again... VICTORY! hehe - I swear that is what I thought when Acorn Tree showed it to me!), a 2014 Annual Pass to The Hooked Haberdasher (a year's worth of patterns!), your choice of an already made hand spun yarn (winner will have to pay shipping), a cocoon pattern from Little Monkey's Crochet and two patterns (criss-cross sandals and a mermaid tail) from MNE Crafts! 


Check out all of their pages and give some giant thank yous! Not to mention, explore their sites. You never know what questions they will ask. ;) 

There may only be three winners for the hunt, but we have several mini games in store for you too. But keep an eye out and pay close attention to every post because they are buried treasure and by treasure, I do mean treasure. Check out the awesome prizes for these games! 

The Pinterest Game: 


Check out their pages, explore them and give them some kudos for offering such great prizes. This game has already started (Check out the first post) and there will be TWO winners. The first person, randomly drawn, will win the top prize and the second place prize will go to the second randomly drawn person! 

Find The Treasure Mini Hunt Game: 


This will be our second game. To play you will start with the first hint given (secret: it's hidden in this post), go to the link given and use the hint to track down which post the hidden treasure (a secret shape) is in. Once you find the post you will find the treasure and the link and hint to the next treasure. Keep going until you are given the instructions of where to send all of your answers to. The first to get all answers correctly will win this eBook! 

The Favorite Pattern Game: 


This game will require you to go to the blogger's websites, etsies, facebook pages and ravelry pages (if you do ravelry, give the pattern some love) and pick your favorite pattern from them. Then, you'll comment on the post hosting the game with the link to that favorite pattern. One person will randomly be chosen to win these 5 free patterns from Mamachee... but only if they link a favorite pattern/item from every designer/creator participating! ;) - this is not the post you comment on for this game.

RaffleCopter Game 


This game is one of the easiest. All you have to do is find the hidden treasure in the post announcing the game, head to that link and enter the rafflecopter. Use up all your extra entries so you have even more chances to win! Free patterns that are usually paid for an entire year is quite the prize! 

Share the Hunt Game: 

Pattern Paradise

This game is pretty easy. I will post the official scavenger hunt post. All you have to do is share any of the social media posts the linked media pages to be entered into this giveaway for three patterns of your choice from Pattern Paradise. Awesome right? Spreads the word, gets more activity and enters you to win three free patterns!  

On to the rules we go! 
  1. Read all the descriptions and posts thoroughly so you don't miss anything. 
  2. Give the sponsors/contributors as much attention and love as you can. 
  3. Have fun. 
  4. Be aware that on the yarn bowl prize and the lightscoop prize you will have to pay shipping if you win (a small price to pay, I promise!) 
  5. In order to win ANY prize you have to be a fan on some type of social media site be it following all of the blogs, facebook pages, etc. We will be checking this. 
  6. Comment! Interact! Share with your friends! Let the world know that we have all teamed up to give you all HUNDREDS worth of free prizes! 
  7. If you are outside of the US, you will need to pay shipping for physical prizes. 


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    1. That depends on the participants willingness to pay international shipping. For digital prizes, anyone is welcome to join in but on the prizes that require shipping, the sponsor may require that portion to be paid for international shipping.