Monday, July 7, 2014

Random Pattern Find - Owl Keychain

This week's random pattern find is this adorable owl keychain! It's so tiny and so cute! So first bit of business is the link to the FREE pattern which can be found by clicking HERE.

Next comes my thoughts :D

So, I worked up this little owl this morning after considering ending my Random Pattern Find segment. It is essentially a pattern review and a way for my fans to find patterns they might not have come across otherwise with my own thoughts plus a seal of "I did it which means you can to!". :) But, I wasn't sure if people were getting much use of it. After some up-lifting on my facebook page where I asked people what they thought... I have decided to continue it :) And perhaps people will even send me patterns they'd like me to work up and share with others. Only the future knows.

Anyways, with this cute little guy I had quite the time. See... as most of you may know by now, I am the worst at following instructions... so instead of scrolling down and seeing if there WAS an english version I decided to hit translate, figure it out and hope to God my fans could too... and if not, I'd help.

Then, about 3 rounds in I saw it. "Scroll down for English". I could have smacked myself LOL So spare yourself that frustration and just scroll down. It's in English as well as another language that I do not speak. ;)

The designer recommends little round black safety buttons which look absolutely adorable but I didn't have any so I used THIS tutorial for french knots and went that route. I think they turned out cute. I did have to redo them about 3 times (each - lol) before I finally got them right and if I'd had black poofy paint, I'd have just done that :p The fun thing with this pattern is you get to be creative and do whatever you want!

The wings turned out really great and even flap a little haha. I love it.

For the back/keychain part I did the following:

So, in the 2 sl st spaces that the designer puts between the little peaks, I looped through both of those for one sc, chained up to the length of what I wanted the keychain (well twice the length since you fold it over). Then I chained a few more, skipped about 4-5 of the last chains I'd made and joined there with a sl st. This gave me the little button loop so I can switch it from keys easily if I want. Then I slip stitched back down the chain to make it a little more secure.

Finally, I sewed on a little pink heart button I had, looped it on to the key ring and away I went. It worked up quickly, about an hour or so total. This would make a GREAT gift for any occasion but since many hookers I know (myself included) are starting to prep for Christmas... I'm thinking stocking stuffer! :)

If you make any, I would love to see! You can share on my facebook page found HERE. The designer also requests that you add the project to Ravelry so she can see too. You can do that HERE.

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  1. Too funny that you didn't find the English version until after you had gotten into it! (that would so happen to me). But it came out adorable and nobody would know your first few rounds weren't done in your native tongue! ;) Very cute pattern!