Friday, July 11, 2014

Character Crochet Round Up - 10 Free Patterns

This week's round up is all about different characters that we can easily recognize! Which of these fun creations do you want to make up? Just click the picture to go to the pattern! 

Isn't this little Rapunzel beanie darling? My own daughter would absolutely love this! And you could totally decorate the crown portion with beads or gems! The designer of Stitch 11 has some brilliant ideas! 

This free Ravelry download is the perfect asset to your collection! What Thomas the Train loving child wouldn't love this brilliant design? 

This little doll is also a free Ravelry download and isn't it impressive?! An interchangeable cinderella doll. She can go to the ball right after her wicked step mother leaves in this brilliant design! 

This free Ravelry download took me right back to my childhood! I remember watching Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner and several others on the boomarang channel with my dad. They are truly classic and this designer did an INCREDIBLE job with this guy. So much talent! And she is kindly giving it for free!

This is the last free Ravelry download I have for you guys but we will end this with a bang because this final download is awesome! That is what I love most about doing these round-ups... helping so many people find AMAZING designers they might not have found otherwise! 

When I finally watched this movie for the first time, it brought a tear to my eye. I can only hope that some day people begin carrying about the world all at the same time like happens in the movie... because then changes will happen so quickly! Until then, let's all keep working hard and working together and remember what the Lorax said - "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." A big thank you to the designer of this wonderful beanie! 

Until I saw this I was dreading the coming winter and now I'm like BRING IT ON! Thanks to this creative designer, I (and all the other talented crocheters out there) got this! 

So... these are amazing. I love Nemo. I'm a pretty big Nemo fan. More then Nemo or his dad, though... I LOVE Dori. She reminds me of what I imagine I'll be like when I'm 80... and every now and then... how I am now (shhhh don't tell). She's just so fun! "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming." LOL Click the pic and head on over to this talented designer's website to learn how to make these fish! 

With the new moving coming out, this pattern just had to be included. Head on over to Crochet Cricket and check out this amazing design. Major props to the designer and BIG thank yous for sharing this pattern for free! 

Ah, Harry Potter. I remember being about 8 years old and truly believing I was going to marry Daniel Radcliff. Oh lost dreams. (hehe) but what isn't lost is the amazing sorting hat pattern I found by the talented Allison of CraftyisCool. Yes, yes it is and you, my fellow designer, are amazingly talented! This thing is seriously spot on. 

Also this week: 

I released an eBook! You can get all paid patterns (prior to the publishing of the book) and the majority of my patterns on this site (ad free, downloadable & printable!) for just $14.99! The paid patterns alone total in at over $50!

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  1. The nemo one doesnt work. Just shows a picture

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I fixed the link. It should work now!