Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bermuda Princess Sandals

Today I bring you the Bermuda Princess Sandals!! And, I'm offering a special code to those who visit this blog here, so make sure you read to the bottom so you can see what it is! 

These sandals were designed back in the midst of the battle. I had just learned the stitch and essentially made these as a means of practicing the triangle stitch. I absolutely loved how they came out! The stitch is subtle, the encase the foot well and would be perfect once the rubber sole was added (instructions for that are in the pattern and I will be doing a tutorial next week). 

Stop # 1 - Hey you treasure goers... are you here looking for treasure? If so... you found it! the shape you need is a 

Check out stop # 2 HERE - your hint: DINOSAUR - RAWR!! 

The sandals come in 0-3 month, 2/3 toddler and 5/6 toddler. This means a total of 5 sizes are in the pattern which is extra awesome. In the picture you see two different sizes, the 0-3 month (the blue ones) and the 5/6 size (the white ones). In the blue ones, the button is functional and actually goes in a loop. In the white one, I used velcro! So when doing these shoes, definitely let your imagination take you places ;) 


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