Thursday, July 3, 2014

Battle of the Stitches Round 2 - What a Wonderful Experience!

(Head to the bottom for a couple of links to different patterns, the magazine and to learn about a giveaway!)

About a month or so ago, I was approached by a wonderful designer who asked if I'd be interested in competing in a relatively new competition called Battle of the Stitches. I jumped on the idea. It was so exciting! I started talking to the other designers, exploring the last round and after waiting was seemed an eternity the stitch we all had to use was revealed...

The Triangle Stitch!

Once I saw the stitch I knew exactly what I would make. As I experimented with the stitch, other ideas came to mind though which allowed me to truly practice with the stitch which is what several of the other challengers were doing.

As the two week deadline loomed closer we all started rushing. Perfecting the patterns, scheduling the photos and having incredible anxiety about the competition. When you are competing against such amazing designers, anxiety was just bound to happen! Before the deadline, we all shared a sneak peak that could be shared on the Battle page. Fans were given a chance to guess on what they thought each item was. Unfortunately for them, the designers did a GREAT job on hiding their item while showing off a section of it. I was completely blown away when the designs were actually revealed.

Then... a little later, within the group, one by one, the designs were released where we were given an opportunity to make guesses of who did what before anyone else. I swear, the designer of Snappy Tots was guessed on at least three different designs LOL It was so much fun! After all of our guessing was done, the names were revealed and we were all in awe. It was like a virtual business meeting where a new product was being released and we were all congradulating one another. It was incredible.

The next day, BOS (battle of the stitches) released the design images to the public where people could see what was done. Still, no one knew who! It was incredble how unbiased the competition was. People couldn't just vote for their favorite because no one knew who did what! After all of the voting was done (both judges vote and fan vote) which happened to be one of the longest waits of my life, comparible only to having my children (lol) the names of each designer was released!

Aren't they amazing? Backpacks, hats, shirts, towels, props, purses and more! The creativity in this battle is amazing and there are so many I want to make myself!!! 

I hope to compete in future events as BOS continues. It was so much fun and inspired me so much as a designer. My official entry can be found below as well as a couple of my other patterns featuring the triangle stitch. :) Before that, though... go HERE to purchase the eMagazine with all of the patterns (totaling to 25!). 

Now, on to one of the best parts. All of my fans have a chance of winning the magazine for FREE! Head on over to my facebook page which can be found HERE and let me know that you're a fan of BOS and which design is your favorite. That will automatically enter you to win. If you don't have facebook just comment on THIS post with the same information (that you're a fan and which design is your favorite) and you will also be entered to win! 

Find my FREE purse pattern featuing the triangle stitch HERE.

Find my nifty flip-flops featuring the triangle stitch HERE or HERE (Etsy or Ravelry). 

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