Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Beanies - 10 Free Patterns

This round-up is dedicated to a dear friend of mine whose mother has been going through one touch battle with cancer. She asked if I knew any beanies that had a "doily" type make to them and I found several! I was going to do market bags but this round up just made more sense to me at the time. I hope you all enjoy them :) Just click on the image to go to the pattern. 

This beautiful pattern is very breathable and perfect, not only for summer but spring and fall as well! It will give you some shade, not make your head hot (due to the holes) and it is very stylish! 

This hat is a stretchy hat, I can just tell by looking at the stitch. I love it! Like the first one, it will breath with ease and provide great shade! What a fantastic design!

This downloadable pattern is so unique! When I saw it, I knew I had to add it. The designer of this is very creative and came up with one stylish hat! 

This hat is perfectly dainty and has the perfect flower on it (though I'm sure it would look great with all sorts of flowers on it!)

This delightful slouch beanie is quite a bit like a doily in its design and perfect for summer do the its "holey" nature" hehe 

This pattern is similar (and yet so different) to the previous one in that it uses a chain to create its look. Beautiful isn't it? 

This hat is so dainty! It is whispering summer.... sand.... sun... water... at me LOL It just makes me want to go to the beach! Anyone who wears this hat is sure to look stunning. 

EDIT: This hat is not free. When I found it, it was under the free portion in ravelry but I was mistaken. I am sorry!! Try this hat instead!:Chameleon Hat
Before I realized the name of this hat (don't ask me how I missed it, I don't know) all I could think was how FUN this hat was. The designer definitely gave it the perfect name! 

When this designer first released this hat I loved it. Now I have the perfect reason to add it to this round up... because it fits perfectly! The star on the top definitely gives it a "doily" look, wouldn't you say? 

This last pattern is one of my very own and remains one of my most popular patterns! It is very stretchy (don't let its small size fool you!) and completely decorative. as well as "holey" due to the stretch! 


  1. Thank you so much for the patterns! I will definitely be trying several of them!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my floppy sun hat!!