Monday, June 2, 2014

Random Pattern Find - Hobo Style Market Bag

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This project was such a fun one to work up... and a challenging one at that. I always joke that I started designing my own patterns because I'm the worst at following a pattern. I'll think I know what should go next so I'll just do it only to have to frog half (or more) of what I had done so I can go back and do it correctly. But that's partially why I started the Random Pattern Find segment on my blog... if I can make it, anyone can! And I definitely suggest you give this pattern a go. The result is wonderful.

The first mistake I made with this pattern was not reading the notes (don't do that). Since I always leave pattern notes myself, I should know better... but I didn't and I paid the price for it. So read the notes! The notes will tell you about one of my favorite things about this pattern... the seamless technique! I was reading the pattern thinking "what the heck" so I went back and read *all* of the instructions and it was like a light bulb moment.

And the designer even had a wonderful tutorial linked. It helped. In my thickness, I still wasn't sure exactly what stitch gets skipped... Do you skip the first st that has the ch 2 in it? Or do you skip the stitch after that which is actually the second stitch and then start in what is actually the third stitch? LOL My mind can turn something so simple into something so complicated. I ended up just skipping the first st which is the one that contained the ch 2 because the instructions said the first stitch, it was the visual that got me. I swear, I'm my own worst nightmare sometimes!

I also messed up my stitch count on one of the rounds. Which isn't an uncommon thing for me. Ooooh the number of times I fudge something LOL and that is actually what the designer advised another person who ran into the same problem to do. It can be very helpful to read the comments as well as the notes. They are like... an FAQ about a pattern sometimes LOL.

I really enjoyed making the handles for this bag because they fit in so perfectly. They aren't "obvious" like some bags tend to be which is part of this designer's "seamless" technique and believe it or not, it really is seamless. Check out her link, she shows several images of a "seamless" in the rounds item and it truly is. It's incredible and worth learning! I may never chain up again! muahahaha. :p

This pattern is brought to you by Lorene at Cre8tion Crochet!! Click the link to see some of her other wonderful designs such as:

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Aren't these 2 designs
equally as awesome
as the on I did?! 

Yes. Yes they are.


  1. I love this pattern. I'm on my third one, making prizes for a charity raffle adding sunscreen, a beach towel and a throwing disc to them - they are awesome! Going to make one more for myself as well!

    1. It is a very awesome pattern. I find myself wanting to make more too! Just because. haha