Monday, June 9, 2014

Random Pattern Find - Crochet Hook Case

(click to enlarge) 

This week's random pattern find has quite the story behind it. See, I did this pattern: Crochet Hook Case  (can also be found HERE) last night and this morning in quite the rush. I had originally found a square I was going to do... but after the fiasco I had yesterday... I decided it was time. I was going to make my own crochet hook case.

See, I had bought a case a long time ago. It was from Hobby Lobby... and not all that expensive... and it broke rather easily. So I was just throwing my hooks in it to keep them all in one place. But... then I wouldn't zip it and they'd all fall out. I'd also just leave them around.

Naturally, one day I lost one. That day was yesterday. And the hook I lost was my absolute favorite hook (the blue one you see in the image) and, aside from the green one, it was also the most expensive hook I have ever bought myself. I just love it. So, as I sat down to work on a new pattern that I haven't released yet (but it will come in at least three sizes so be excited lol) and went to grab my hook only to find it missing... I went crazy. Like... pregnant lady that wants a pickle when there aren't any crazy. 

I picked up the couch. I dumped it upside down. I was CERTAIN I had put that darn hook on the couch and it had fallen through. Then I hear it. A soft clatter telling me that SOMETHING is in the couch and the clatter made me certain it was a hook. So I peel back some of the underneath fabric and there is nothing. So I tip the couch another way to make the hook fall again. 

I hear it again! It's coming from the arm. And would you believe this couch has NO way of getting INTO that arm unless you take the fabric off. I can't lie. For a second I considered cutting the fabric on the side of the couch. A couch can be replaced and this was my favorite hook that I can only get online or in the city an hour away! Fortunately my common sense clicked in for a breif second there and I knew slicing the side of the couch in my desperation to find a $10 hook was silly. That didn't cause me from undoing some stables and lifting the fabric though! Finally, I got my video camera in there (the one on my phone) and saw the hook on the screen. It was a freakin' cheapie hook that I could not care less about! I have five of them somewhere in this house! 

Oh how angry I was. And depressed. I know you probably think I'm kidding but yesterday was not a good day for me. I REALLY wanted to work on that pattern and I wanted THAT hook! Finally, my husband gets home and can't believe that I damn near tore apart the couch... he helps me look some and after he searched for about 15 minutes... he finds it in a silverware drawer that my child probably stuck it in. Or maybe I did, its hard to say... I was being crazy after all. 

So there you have it. This is the reason my random pattern find is a crochet hook case and not a afghan square. Because I cannot lose my hooks again. I just can't. My couch won't be able to take another session of missing hook. :/ 

Changes I made to the pattern: 
I added a border, didn't do the top flap and used velcro instead of a button. Oh and because I didn't do the top flap I used a button. :)

Simple shell border. 5 dc in 1 st, sk 2 st, sc in next st, sk 2 st and then repeat. For the corner I did 2 sc, ch 1, 2 sc.

For the pouch in the middle I did do a border on that. I sc in every st acround (I didn't put extra stitches in the corner) and then I sl st across the top, sl st 9, ch 3, sl st in next 9 which will give you a space for the button.

For the velcro, just glue it :p

I didn't do the flower. I figured the shell edging was decorative enough. :)



  1. Lol, I have been there probably not at your level but I do have my favorite book and once again like your husband found your hook my husband also founds mind how hilarious I'm so happy you found your hook some people just don't understand

  2. My story: I can lose a hook just sitting in one place. I got a man in my life more than 20 years ago. It started off as, "to help me get ORGANIZED" it really never happened. And he would say, " it's a losing battle". But if I do lose something, he's good to have around. He can find things a lot easier than I do!

  3. I laughed so hard! I've been crocheting over 45 years & have had my crazy moments with lost hooks...lost sizes. Now I lose them because I leave the hook in a WIP and forget which one.