Friday, June 20, 2014

Photography Props Round Up - 18 Free Patterns

This round up is a little bit different then my others as, instead of only 10 free patterns, it has 18!!! Crazy right? But in just the right way! We have several different patterns here by the same designers but they were just to cute not to include!! Talent is abundant in this round up!

This pattern was designed by Wichecraft and can be found: HERE. You can see just how much work went into this unique pattern that the designer is giving for free! Talent and giving. Two very beautiful qualities. 


Next we head on over to Stitch 11 where you can find this turtle pattern HERE. The colors are wonderful, the shell is the perfect size and the hat fits it perfectly!!


Also from Stitch 11 is this unique Yoda hat that you can find HERE. This is the perfect find for any Star Wars fans! I've personally started falling into Star Trek (the new movies and Voyager only which probably makes me a horrid fan) but Star Wars will always be a favorite of mine!


If you enjoy downloading your free patterns, this is the one for you because it is a free Ravelry download that can be found HERE


These next few patterns can all be found at Repeat Crafter Me. I'm never surprised when one of her images pops up in my search because she is so darn talanted!! And creative at that. This pattern can be found HERE.


And this one can be found HERE.


And this last one can be found HERE.


Next we have a pattern from ME! Yay lol I designed this pattern quite a while ago and I still love it today! It's easy and effective! It can be found HERE.


Also from me is this simple but adorable mermaid tail! It's a great way of achieving a mermaid tail with minimal work and is great for beginners! It can be found HERE.


When I saw these hats I HAD to include them. Like... I really had to. First reason is because everyone forgets about Anna! It's all about Elsa. I keep seeing her but never Anna but this talented designer (found at Rick-A-Bam-Boo) was like No! They both rock. So she designed a hat for both! Find them HERE.


When I saw these little head bands I instantly thought of my own little girl and the birthday party she will be having in a few months to celebrate her fourth year (I can't believe it). They would work up quick, cost of matierals would be low and they would be a great party favor! These can be found HERE.


Over at Knot Your Nana's Crochet we find another talented designer who believes that Anna is not to be neglected! Here is a pattern for her cape!! It can be found HERE.


So often I see the Monster Inc. inspired beanies but not often is it a full on prop! This is incredible and can be found HERE.


This beautiful (and free) pattern is perfect if you have a family member in the military and want your little baby to do photos to honor him/her! It can be found HERE.


This pattern is precious! It's a bunny photography prop with a little bit of fluff. Just perfect! It can be found HERE.


This pattern is cute and dainty and let me tell you, those lady bug buttons are the perfect touch! It can be found HERE.


It's a KOALA!!! Enough said ;) It can be found HERE.


This little party has requires a couple of links to get to. The link I give you will take you to the images of this hat and then you will find a link there that will take you to the pattern. I did this so you can get the pattern for FREE as well as a few different ideas of things you can do with it! It can be found HERE.


  1. Thanks for featuring my Anna and Elsa hats. This round up has some adorable pieces in it. That cupcake hat is too cute!

  2. Hello, ty for sharing. However, every diaper cover pattern Ive found online is either to large, or to small. Would you happen to know the dimensions of BOTH diaper covers listed here. The exact length, top of back to top front flap, crotch width, and leg circumference. I really prefer dimensions for things I make that are wearable. Its important, just like a hat is. Guess after crocheting for 36+ years, Im use to patterns having more information than whats given on most on the internet. But I SO appreciate all of them. Gives me more to make, a variety. Local stores no longer carry as many patterns as they use to years ago. TY for replying! Really would like this info. Thought maybe you can help me contact the pattern owners. I have asked them.

    1. I haven't made any of the diaper covers in this round up but if you message the designers, I'm sure they will help you the best they can. You say you thought I could help you contact them so I wasn't sure if you had yet or not. I'm not sure how to contact them outside of how you would. You can often find a contact me button, or leave a comment. That might help you reach them. :)

      If you find they come out to tight or to large, I'd suggest adjusting your hook size. I personally keep a newborn, size one and size two diaper on hand and use them for comparison! lol Good luck! I do have a diaper cover pattern of my own (head up to the free patterns tab at the top and scroll through that list) and I used a diaper to measure it so I know it fits the size given. I can't remember if I gave gauge or not but if you do try to make it and it doesn't, I might still have the item so I can measure!