Monday, June 9, 2014

Need Help Navigating MNE Crafts?

Websites can be confusing! All of them look different, have different things and all of those different things do different stuff! So how do you know what is what on MNE Crafts?

Check out the images below and learn what everything on this website means!!

This is the top of the website. This will be close to what you'll see every time before you do any scrolling. You'll notice a header, a way to join my website, the beginning of a and post (with the date). If you aren't already a member of my site, please, you are welcome to join! If you are on the homepage, just click the title (in this example the title is Random Pattern Find - Crochet Hook Case) and it will take you to that specific post. The newest post will always be at the top of the homepage. 

This is what you will see if you scroll down just a little. You'll notice a "like me on Facebook" feature below the "join my site". In the center you'll see the main post. If you notice, the name of the pattern is in a dark blue. This is the link to the pattern. If you click on it, you will be directed to the pattern! You'll also notice some underlined words in light blue. These are ads. On the other side of the post you'll see a Popular Posts section. These are other posts/patterns of mine that people have really enjoyed! Clicking the image will take you to that pattern. 

Here you will see we've scrolled down a bit more. The only new thing in this image is the Blog Archive. By clicking these links you can see different posts from when I started the website all the way to today! 

Now that we've scrolled down a bit farther you'll see a couple of new things like a keyword directory (click any of these words and you'll see all the posts related to that word) and the beginning of my affiliate links. If you view my Terms of Use, you'll find a  thorough explanation of what affiliate links are. 

There are two new things you'll see, now that we've scrolled down a little farther. You'll see a "coupons" section. By clicking any of these images and using the code given, you can save money on the items this person sells (all crochet related). In the post, you'll see more of those underlined light blue ads an a "you might also like" section which shows you images to 3 different posts on my page. Click them! You might like what those posts are about too!

This is the end where you can comment!

I hope this walk-through has helped you figure out just what is what on MNE Crafts! Blessings to you. 

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