Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Diagonal Shell Slouch Beanie

Wear it over your hair like this... 
Or stick your hair in it like this!

Hook: K
Material: Red Heart Super Saver
Gauge: 8” across by 10” long – brim stretches to a width of 12” (circumference of 24”)

Hints & Tips:
-          The hat looks small. The point of this pattern is that it stretches a lot. It only measures 8” across but the brim can stretch all the way around an adult head when done correctly.

-          Trc – triple (or treble) crochet
-          Sl st – slip stitch
-          Ch – chain
-          St – stitch
-          Sp – space

Special stitches:
-          Trc v-stitch – trc, ch 1, trc all in one space
-          Trc shell – 5 trc in one space
-          Secured st – 2 sc together WITHOUT decreasing  so you’ll sc2tog, do the slip stitches and then sc the 2nd of the previous secured st and one new st together – pictures to help at bottom

Round 1) With color A - Using magic circle, 12 trc, pull tight, join to first trc with sl st – 12 trc

Round 2) With color B – Join in space between trc, ch 3 (does not count as a st here and throughout), trc v-stitch in every sp around, join to first trc with sl st – 12 trc v-stitch

Round 3) With color A – Join in ch 1 sp of v-stitch, ch 3, 3 trc in every ch 1 sp around, join to first trc with sl st – 36 trc

Round 4) With color B – Join in 2nd trc of any set of 3 trc, ch 3, *2 trc, ch 2, 2 trc in same st, skip next 2 st* around, join to first trc with sl st

Round 5) With color A – Ch 3 in any ch 2 sp, *trc shell in ch 2 sp, sc in next ch 2 sp, ch 3* around, join to first trc with sl st – 6 shells, 6 sc, 6 ch 3 spaces

Round 6) Sl st over to sc, ch 3, *trc shell st in sc, sc in 2nd ch of ch 3 sp, ch 5* around, join to first trc with sl st

Round 7 – 11) Repeat round 6 )EXCEPT you will sc in the 3rd ch of the ch 5 instead of the 2nd ch of the ch 3 sp and - you will still shell in the sc)  – tie off at end of round 11


With color B – Join in same st as tie off – make a secure st (working in back loop and 3rd loop only), ch 6, sl st in 2nd ch from hook and down, *make a secure st (counts as a ch 1), turn, sl st back up ch in back loop only, ch 1, sl st back down in back loop only* all the way around the hat – when you get to the ch 5 sp, you’ll skip 2 ch attaching the last trc of the shell to the 3rd ch of the ch 5 and then you’ll do another secured st from that 3rd ch to the first trc of the next shell (skipping the next 2 ch).

This example shows the secured st being placed into the 3rd ch (remember, you skip the first 2 and last 2 of the ch 5). As you can see in the image, a loop has already been pulled up from the previously worked st and the hook has been inserted under both loops of the ch sp (which will leave the back hump on the other side of the hook). 

This image shows the same step as the one above but where the hook goes in the other stitches. You can see two white loops on the hook as the first part of the secured stitch has already been done. Then you see two purple loops on the hook… the back loop of the stitch and then the third loop. Next to the hook head, you can see a faint line where another third loop is. 

And here we see a completed “secured” stitch. The secured st is done in two part. The first sc and the second sc that are then “tied” together. This will typically decrease a project but by putting the first part of the secured st in the same st as the second part of the previous secured st, we aren’t decreasing at all because it equals 1 sc in every st. 


  1. This hat is super cute! I have a question about rounds 7-11, though--do I shell or sc in the third chain? If it's written correctly, where do I sc/chain 5? Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. You shell in the sc st :) I fixed the wording of the pattern. Thanks for helping me catch that!

    2. Fantastic, thanks for clarifying. I'm on the brim now. Can't wait to try it on!

    3. No problem! I'd love to see a photo when you finish. My facebook link is: You can share a photo there if you'd like!

    4. Ok, I left it overnight, because sometimes things make better sense after a good sleep, but I'm still a bit confused on the brim. Do I sc2tog, chain/sl st, then sc again in the second stitch of the sc2tog? Then sc2tog in the next 2, sl st up and down, and repeat?

    5. You've got it! You sc2tog and that equals your turn (at the top you ch 1 to turn but on the bottom, the sc2tog equals the same as that ch), you slip stitch up the ch, ch 1, turn, go back down it and then you will do another sc2tog starting in the 2nd sc of the last sc2tog you did. :)