Friday, June 27, 2014

Bookmarks 4 Everyone Round Up - 10 Free Patterns

While eBooks are an awesome way to take all of your books with you no matter where you are... they have a slight disadvantage. It isn't possible for a bookmark to be near as cute as these! Plus paper just feels more real to me for some reason. Check out all of the FREE crochet bookmark patterns and let me know which one is your favorite! 

If anyone makes like a little "shell" for this turtle... please share a photo because that would take this already cute pattern off the charts!! LOL Seriously, though, isn't he adorable? Find the free pattern HERE.

I've gotten creative with these buttons a time or two. I made one of those cloth books you sew for toddlers and it was about "bug-a-boo" so I took flower and ladybug buttons and sewed them in. It was adorable. This reminds me of that! Find the free pattern HERE.

Ooooh! I love how those few beads accent the pink one so much! And then the white just looks completely different because of it. These are beautiful! Find the free pattern HERE.

Daisy Cottage Designs is living up to her name with all of the cute flower designs she has! Check out this free pattern HERE.

Lock this pattern away for the end of next school year (or the beginning of this school year) when you're trying to figure out a cute gift to make for your child's teacher. This is bound to be a hit! Find the free pattern HERE.

This little guy is a little bit different then the rest of the patterns. It's more of a matter of becoming creative and using different size material to come up with something different then originally intended. This woman wanted tiny owls so she used a smaller material (thread) and a tiny hook to achieve what would make a wonderful bookmark! Find what she says about this idea HERE

GECKO!!! Enough said. Find it HERE.

Paperclips! What a truly genious idea. Marks your page, isn't do thick, works up in minutes. I love it! Find the free  pattern HERE. (And the pattern is in two languages, check it out!)

As a lover of downloads and the pineapple stitch... this pattern is perfect! Find the free ravelry download HERE

Also in two languages is this second paperclip book mark pattern. Check it out HERE.

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  1. Thanks for all the great links :-) The owl and the flower paper clip are my favorites.