Monday, June 23, 2014

Random Pattern Find - Crocodile Stitch Flower

This week's Random Pattern Find is this beautiful and dainty rose pattern! Titled the Crocodile Stitch Flower, it is a beauty!! When I first saw it it was just so unique looking and I was excited to do the crocodile stitch. 

Oddly enough, you don't use a crocodile stitch in this pattern at all so I was a bit surprised by that but pleased with the result none the less. 

You can find this free flower pattern HERE

Unfortunately I have no funny story to go along with this pattern. It was pretty simple and straight forward but sometimes that is nice. It worked up quickly and was simple to do. It's the absolute perfect flower pattern for anyone... expert or beginner! 

I do have a different surprise for you guys though! Check out this new pillow pattern! 

Click photo to go to pattern.


  1. I've seen several patterns today referencing "magic circle". I'm not familiar with that. What is it exactly? Thanks.

    1. Here is a video tutorial link. It might help!