Sunday, May 18, 2014

Random Pattern Find - Super Duper Kitchen Sponge

When I found this pattern I just absolutely loved how it looked. It was beautiful, clearly a simple pattern and gave me a chance to practice with my tunisan crochet (it actually encouraged me to work on my own tunisan pattern which I'm planning on releasing tomorrow!!). 

This pattern was designed by Hook Candy and is a free Ravelry Download which can be found here (or by clicking the image at the top). 

When I set out to make this project I went in kind of blind and ended up starting over a few times. Partially because tunisan crochet is a whole new type of stitch and I wasn't overly familiar with. Mine just kept curling REALLY tightly. A quick google search showed me that you can control the curl a little by adjusting tension. The tighter your tension the tighter the curl. So to compensate for that I adjusted my hook size to either a J or a K and, because my stitches were going to be bigger, I lowered the number of chain I started off with. I made sure it was long enough to fit a spong and that was where I stopped counting. 

The rest I followed pretty spot on just with my own color designs. 

I had tried sewing the two pieces together differently (slip stitch instead of sc around) and that was an epic failure and is now a new toy for my children. So I definitely suggest following the pattern (lol). The only other thing I didn't do to get this final result was I didn't use the nylon but I completely get why it is suggested. I just don't really have any of that and wanted to make the project anyways haha.

Oh and last I thought I'd let you know that mine has those ridges on the top because I sent my husband for the sponges and told him just to grab the cheapest... Well, it turns out the cheapest sponges in Wal-Mart are a two pack for less then a buck...... (great right)... that are shaped as a high heel and a castle.... (not so great)... but it worked LOL

Enjoy this wonderful free pattern :) 

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