Friday, May 30, 2014

Decorate Your House Round Up - 10 Free Patterns

This round up was inspired by my need to decorate my house (though I never have time). I really want to get some things up on my daughter's wall and haven't had the time to design what I have in mind (don't worry, I will eventually haha) so I figured I could look at some other designer's ideas and share them with you!!

Some of these I had never thought to make and others I've made my own variation before. :) Just click the image to go to the link! 

This beautiful creation comes with two links. First we have the designer of the square and then we have the lady who decided to put them all together into the form of a pillow. These two's creativity combined into one fantastic item that can surely decorate your couch, bed or chair with dainty perfection. 

I just discovered the beauty and simplicity that is the pineapple stitch not to long ago, so naturally I find pineapple stitch patterns more appealing now. I don't know why it took me so long to learn this stitch... for whatever reason it just looked so terrifying and difficult but it is anything but that!

 This pattern has a couple of appealing qualities to it. First, it's genius. I absolutely hate soap residue on my tub. Hate it... hate it... HATE it. Lol Something meant for cleanliness just shouldn't leave anything grimy behind. Anyways, this functional little dish fixes that problem and will throw you out of your comfort zone by introducing you to a different material to crochet with. 

These curtains are so beautiful! And better yet, they are simple. I love simple. Simple can be really nice in this complicated world in which we live. It wasn't until Tamara Kelly of Moogly designed her chevron curtain pattern that I realized that you can use crochet for curtains. I must have lived a sheltered life because I clearly had no idea just how much can be done with crochet!

The pattern search that led to this pattern find was inspired by my grandmother. Growing up she always had these little crocheted motif looking things on her couch and chairs. As they were used by people, they became worn out so she asked me if I would make her a set (which I did). I had never realized that they served a purpose outside of decoration... they kept the oils of peoples arms off of the arm rests which caused the fabric to last longer. Amazing right? 

Doesn't this look absolutely eccentric? (I love that word.) The colors are bright, it would go with absolutely anything and it is definitely decorative. If you want to crochet a pillow for your living room or bedroom, I highly suggest this one because it looks amazing :p Oh... and the best part? The point is to use your scrap yarn! 

I absolutely love the way this looks. It reminds me of sea shells and sand from the beach. It just screams "bathroom decor" and I love that. I had always gone and bought the sets wal-mart has but I don't think I will ever do that again. I'll just make my own!

This set is beautiful isn't it? Let's focus on the pillow though as I think pillows make GREAT home decorations. I mean, growing up it was always a pain moving the fifteen (slight exaggeration) pillows from my grandmother's or aunt's couch... but as an adult myself, I completely get why. It's beautiful!

Here is another pineapple stitch toilet cover set just for you! This one is slightly different in that the pineapples are a little larger.... so now you have some variety in what you do! Woot. :D 

Let us end this round up right by doing another chair set. This is so ... vintage lol and honestly, I think this may be something that the older generation did so patterns like this were more common back then. I wasn't able to find a single "modern" version of this... but that's okay, now I have a reason to come up with one of my own! Enjoy. 

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