Friday, May 2, 2014

Biking in Summer Round Up - 10 Free Patterns

This round-up is 100% inspired by the warm weather. And my love for bike riding. So maybe like 85% warm weather and 15% me. Yeah, lets go with that one ;) 

1)  Crocodile stitches have been all the rage lately. When I saw this crocodile stitch back pack called the Rainbow Dragon Back Pack by ABC Knitting Patterns, I knew it had to be included! Just look at how much stuff it could hold! It would be perfect to put on your back while bike riding around the neighborhood, the river walk (if you have one) or around a park! 

2)  I used to go to the gym a lot and I would use gloves like this when I was doing a few different exercises. Using them for bike riding is an excellent idea as well! I absolutely hate how rough those handles can make my hands. You can check out these Peasy Gloves at Speckless!

3) This Diamond Mesh water bottle holder designed by Jennifer Ozses is absolutely beautiful! Throw it over your shoulder or wrap it around your bike handles... just whatever you do, don't forget your water when hitting the trails! Oh, and did I mention that it is a FREE Ravelry download? 

4) Over on Ravelry, Jinky Flaviano is getting wicked with the hook and yarn! This No More Dents Scratch Free water holder is genius! It is so stylish I might just have to make one for myself! This design is also a free ravelry download! 

5) Taking a ride on your bike doesn't mean you can't dress in style. This light weight tunic is nice and holey but covers you just a bit better then your favorite tank top. That's just a little more protection from the sun without any extra heat! Check out this Crochet Tunic as a download at TSC Yarns. 

6) This Girl's Water Bottle Holder looks absolutely durable without losing any style. It's delightful! You can find it as a PDF Document over on Chelle Grissam's ravelry page! 

7) I couldn't leave you with just one cute option for gloves. These colorful little beauties deserve to be in this round up too and I just know some of you will LOVE them! The Neon Love Mitts were designed by Meghan at PomPom Mag and let me tell you, this girl has some mad talent. 

8) Let me start this off with I FREAKIN' LOVE CROCHET! You can seriously make anything with it! Check out this loverific heart seat cover, for example! It's beautiful. This Heartfelt Bicycle Seat Cover can be found over at Crochet Me. 

9) Thought I was done giving you awesome water bottle carrier patterns, huh? Definitely not! Check out this cute little Water Bottle Bag at Face Crafts. 

10) And now that I've saved the best for last.... nah, I'm just kidding. All of these patterns are fantastic! These draw string bags are perfect for the males in your life and can carry a small lunch perfectly. Everyone needs to eat after a tiring bike ride, after all! This Crocheted Back Pack Pattern is over at Vanessa's Values! 

I hope you enjoyed this round up... and even if you don't bike ride, I'm sure you can find all sorts of uses for these wonderful patterns!

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