Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby Blanket Round Up - 10 Free Patterns

When deciding on the theme for this weeks round up I decided to give you all a sneak peak of what my next free pattern is going to be!!! A baby blanket pattern! :) Soft and sweet and just perfect for babies... that is what this round up (and my next pattern) is all about! Check out the awesome freebie patterns below. Just click on the images to go to the link! 

This free ravelry download is brought to you by C. L. Halvorson. What stood out to me about this pattern is just how much like a quilt it looks! I  mean, that is clearly what the designer was going for and it is rather impressive! 

This beautiful tutorial, done by Esther at Happy in Red, gives you exactly what you need to make the most beautiful baby blanket. You can decide on how large or little you want it because this designer tells you how to make the stitch! Isn't it nice to have the control in your hands sometimes?

 This Lazy Daisy baby blanket Red Heart pattern is remarkable. It's soft, its dainty and it is perfect for a baby. 

This breastfeeding logo baby blanket is brought to you as a free ravelry download by Waiyi Choi because of how passionate she is about breastfeeding... and due to my own passion about breastfeeding I just had to include it! 

This Honey Sweet Tunisian crochet baby blanket is a beautiful design done by Kim Guzman. I've just recently started improving my Tunisian crochet skill (actually released my first Tunisian pattern the other day!) so this pattern was an obvious choice. 

This next pattern is another free ravelry download and the designer is Diane Kenduck. Isn't it beautiful? I love the overlapping colors. 

This unique and colorful baby blanket is brought to you by Be a Crafter. Isn't it darling?! It would definitely make any baby happy!

This baby blanket has several things about it that I completely love. The biggest thing that drew me to it was the color arrangement. Absolutely beautiful and so very beachy and brought to you by Little Monkey's Crochet!

This zebra blanket is so lovely! The different stripes work together so well that I just couldn't help but fall in love with it! It looks very realistic wouldn't you say? This design is a free ravelry download by Karin Whit. 

This last pattern is another free ravelry download and brought to you by Elizabeth Lowe. What I most loved about this pattern was the way she joined the squares. It is unique and really accents the design! 

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