Sunday, May 11, 2014

Amigurumi Round Up - 12 Free Patterns

My life has been absolutely crazy lately and I realized today that I had completely missed my Friday pattern round up! So, here it is with an additional 2 freebies. Figured I should throw in something for the extra wait :p Oh and some stories that came to mind as I was sharing the patterns that may or may not bore you lol 

1) This Strawberry Pattern is brought to you by Look at this Crap I made (clearly a blogger with a sense of humor!) which is a delightful little blog all about different crochet patterns! If you like this perfectly little strawberry you will definitely want to check out all the other awesome designs that can be found on this page!

2) When I saw this Ms. PacMan pattern designed by CraftyisCool, it took me straight back to my childhood. I had this little pink handheld game that did nothing more then Ms. PacMan. I loved it and became quite good! Oh what I'd do to have that little handheld game sitting in my bathroom right now. My mom-scapes (you know, when a mom ducks into a bathroom to escape everything and everyone just for a few minutes regardless of whether she actually needs to pee or not) would probably increase in duration. hehe 

3) This Cherry Duo brought to you by AmigurumiFood is adorable! The cherries scream personality and I love that about them. I can totally see myself using some crochet thread with the pattern and really making them tiny. Wouldn't that just be perfect?! 

4) This little Koala bear is actually to a tutorial on how to put everything together. In order to make this perfect little bear you will have to utilize some creativity! 

5) What I love most about this adorable Panda Bear is that it is super FLUFFY! All you have to do is look at it to see how soft it is. In order to get to this pattern you will have to have an account with Lion Brand! It is 100% free and 110% worth the time! 

6) This next freebie is rather identifiable. We shall call him Stitch and he is a FREE Ravelry download from Shannen C! It was rather interesting that I ran across this little guy because my three year old has recently gotten interested in Lilo & Stitch. She doesn't watch him as much as she does Bo on the Go or The Super Readers, but he gets put into her schedule on occasion (oh the options on Netflix and my daughter is stuck on TWO) haha 

7) This round up is truly taking me straight back to my childhood. This adorable Picachu doll can be found at Wolf Dreamer and is perfect! I <3 it. :p When I was a lot younger, I spent my life absorbed in books. I actually went through my Elementary School Library and *almost* demolished everything I wanted to read. If it was something that interested me, there was a good chance I had read it. At home, I had my own personal collection of books and among them were Pokemon books. This was back when Pokeman was really new and the books were under $4. Oh to go back to those days. With this pattern, you will get something better then a $4 or under book... you get a free pattern! 

8) By the time we finish this round up, you all will think I targeted patterns that I could relate to and hey, maybe subconsciously I did haha. This beautiful little Raccoon pattern is named Bandit and is on the Amigurumi to Go blog! What is so personal about this raccoon is how much it reminds me of one of my sisters. We both had things we were obsessed about and her "thing" was raccoons for the longest time! I've no idea why but they were. So, now whenever I see a raccoon I think of my sister. <3

9) Let's break up all the memories with a cute little food toy! A Friendly Smore! How perfect is that. Now I just need to go and find a pattern for a camp fire, a stick that will have two pieces with velcro on either end so I can stick the marshmallow between the two pieces and "roast" it. Hahaha! Either I have to much imagination on my hands or my kids are rubbing off on me :p 

10) I don't personally like snakes. They mostly creep me out... but I love pen decorations and this was the first time I'd seen a crochet one. Oh the endless possibilities. Plus, this snake does look pretty friendly ;) This Spike the Snake Pen/Pencil Topper is a FREE Ravelry download designed by Adorable Amigurumi! 

11) I've really been in a "strawberry" type of mood (whatever that means) lately. In fact, a local store had strawberries on sale for just under $1 per lb and since they ran out quickly I had to go and price match at Wally World and got 4 lbs! My kids absolutely love strawberries. Unfortunately, I became the crazy strawberry lady while I was there. I say the crazy strawberry lady because I was doing the same thing as the crazy egg lady I once saw (all said in light heartedness and humor, I actually thought she had a good idea). She was picking through the eggs and instead of looking through every box until she found one that was all good, she was just switching bad ones for good ones. It took her a while (the eggs were a mess) but she managed to get a decent carton of eggs. She was paying for them after all! So yeah... I sorta was crazy with the strawberries haha. - Anyways, on to the free Strawberry pattern brought to you by A Bunch of Buttons!

12) I hope this doesn't sound odd but what really attracted me to this pattern was the plate. The crochet Star Cookies (a FREE Ravelry download designed by Sonea Delvon) are obviously absolutely adorable and multifunctional (pretend cookie OR pin cushion) but the photography really makes them stand out. It isn't so much that its this bad ass picture that you just KNOW the designer used a $2k camera to get... it's the simplicity that draws me in as well as the creativity. After all, you typically do serve cookies on a plate! haha 

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