Thursday, May 15, 2014

5KCBWDay4 - Conversations Between Workers

"I'm scissors. Without me, Miss Amanda couldn't even do it her work. Ripping yarn isn't fun, it looks horrible AND you can't even rip all yarns. That doesn't make her appreciate me any more though. She constantly loses me! She bought me special for one purpose. She spent that little extra to get a good pair of scissors and promised (no really, I heard her tell her husband) that she would take care of me... that I would be treated different then her other scissors! It was a lie though. :*(" 

Therapist: Alright, ladies. After speaking with Scissors one on one for a bit, I think there are definitely some issues that need to be resolved. I think the best way to handle this would be for you, Amanda, to just listen to Scissors with open ears. Her pain is real and she needs you to hear her. 

Amanda: Her pain.... what?!

Scissors: See! She doesn't even realize what she has put me through! 

Amanda: Put you through?! What are you talking about? I have not ever used you for ANYTHING but my yarn so you stay extra sharp. You are my FAVORITE pair of scissors. And you have poked the heck out of my leg on multiple occasions. So tell me, what pain have I caused you? 

Scissors: Therapist, I just don't think she is listening with an open pair of ears. She is completely defensive already! 

Therapist: She is right Amanda. You need to calm down and listen. Everyone has a right to their emotions. 

Amanda rolls eyes, crosses legs and tries to be attentive. 

Scissors: Okay... so every time Amanda gets me out for a project... she loses me! I can't even tell you how much PTSD every time I am put near the couch. I've been on it, under it and even IN it! It's dark, it's scary and sometimes I don't even think she will work to find me. 

Therapist: Amanda, is this true? 

Amanda: Well yeah, that has happened but... 

Therapist: No buts. Buts are not always appropriate things to say in a conversation and buts are certainly not okay to say in this conversation! Scissors, do you have anything else to say to Amanda? 

Scissors: Yes! I just want to be appreciated. I am a very important tool for you and you treat me as if I am replaceable.... 

Amanda cuts scissors off with "give me 5 bucks and you are" which she mutters under her breath. 

The therapist gasps. 

Therapist: That is no way to show appreciate! 

Amanda: No, it isn't. This entire thing is ridiculous! I love my scissors. I need my scissors and I don't mean to let them fall in the crack of the couch. It is obvious that I do always find scissors! She is sitting right here after all. 

Scissors: See, therapist, she just doesn't caaaaare!! - starts to sob

Amanda: No, don't cry! You'll rust! 

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