Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5KCBWDay3 - Experimental Photography & Free Random Pattern Find

This post gets to serve two purposes! First off, it's officially my second random pattern find post and second it is also day THREE of knitting and crochet blogger week! My goodness is this week going fast!

Let's talk about the pattern, get you the link and all that jazz and then we'll talk about the photography portion. 

This free Chocolate Covered Strawberry Amigurumi pattern attracted my attention effortlessly when I was working on my last round up (which contains 12 different amigurumi patterns). I was originally going to include it in the round up but after making it, I realized it would be a perfect "random" pattern find (even if it wasn't totally random.

So here it is. Enjoy it. By looking at it... or playing with it... not by eating it. You might not enjoy that. 

Now! On to the photography! 

When I originally snapped a picture of this strawberry I used my cellphone, a window seal and ... well that is all. It was just a photo. But with this challenge I decided to make some nasty ass chocolate sauce (that would look good because in photography, appearance is everything and taste is absolutely nothing... unless you get it on your finger and lick it off without realizing what you are doing, and then taste matters after all).

Anyways, so I had just bought four lbs of strawberries and thought... let's make actual chocolate strawberries for the photo! So bam. There you have it. 
  • a plate
  • a bowl
  • cocoa powder
  • butter
  • sugar
  • a crochet chocolate strawberry & 
  • real strawberries 
And bam. You have this masterpiece. 

Sort of. lol All kidding aside, I do like how the picture turned out and it was fun getting my imagination involved in the actual picture taking. I typically don't do that which means the point of this weeks KCBW topic did exactly what it was supposed to do! 

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  1. I like your photo very much - the amigurumi strawberry blended in so well that I didn't notice it at first; I was intrigued that you had posted a foodie photo instead of a crochet one and THEN I saw it! :-) Obviously I was taken in by your chocolate sauce! hehehe I wonder if anyone else was also 'tricked' at first or was it just my brain being obtuse.
    Nice work! Do you mind if I share your photo on my blog by adding a link to this page?