Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5KCBWDay2 - Dating Profile - The Emy's Beanie

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My name is The Emy's Beanie. I was originally crocheted (though I do look knit don't I?) in early February of 2014. I may not be very old but I am very experienced in what I do best!

I happen to be pink but I have many brothers and sisters who are blue, grey, purple or red! The heart on my side is a key aspect to my personality. I'm vivid, loving, bright and very squishy. Think of the movie Frozen... yeah, if I'd been on Anna's head while she searched for Elsa she would have been good to go (and in style I might add). My ribbed look is more than just my style but is also what makes me stretchy. Everyone loves a stretchy hat... just admit it. ;)

Unlike Olaf, I'm not particularly fond of the sun, fire (eek, that would just end badly) or warm weather in general. I prefer the snow, a hill and a sled that will cause snow to hit me from all angles! It makes me feel so alive!! The cold air... so fresh, so crisp... so perfect! Yep, winter is definitely my preference. I don't even really mind fires if there is snow near by! Sledding isn't my only interest. I also love horse back riding. Hair poking out from under me, mounts all around and the soft "clip clop" as the horse slowly walks around (or runs... that's fun too).

Having been sized for a Toddler, I imagine my future will take me to a closet and storage until the day where I get to reside on my beautiful owner's own little girl's head. See, my creator made me for her daughter and I feel (and hope) in my heart that I will stay in this family and one day my creator will see me on her granddaughter's head! It may seem like some high hopes but I am a very special hat and you can never dream, dreams that are to big!

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  1. Awwwe! What a cute profile.
    I love the idea of handmade gifts being passed down through generations.