Monday, April 28, 2014

Wyatt the Lion

***The story of Wyatt the Lion - pattern can be found below story.*** 

Wyatt and his brother were born at just a few days past 24 week when their mother went into preterm labor that doctors could not stop. They are currently just past one week old and weigh less then 2 lbs. They have lived their life in the NICU unit at a hospital in San Antonio. In addition to the difficulty that comes from having babies in the NICU fighting for their life, this mother is all on her own as her husband recently got a new job and cannot be with his family without losing that job. In a time like this, income and health insurance is extremely important. The mother, Emma, delivered her twins by C-section on 4/19/14.  

Since birth, Zeke has been able to pull through much better then Wyatt who just had to have emergency surgery. On two seperate occasions, the doctors and nurses prepared this mother to say goodbye to a child she has had yet to hold in her arms. Both times, God answered prayer and granted this family a miracle. Since these twins' birth I have thought of them every single day. 

When I asked their mother if there was anything I could make them, she asked if I could make them a stuffed toy following the jungle theme (Zeke's will be released soon) that had been chosen for them prior to their birth. She felt that the love that goes into something handmade would send the twins good vibes and I agree with her. And I can promise you, this lion has a LOT of love in it! Every stitch in it was made while I was thinking of this little man and worrying about him. 

If you pray, please pray for this family. If you send good vibes, send good vibes. If you can donate items, please get in contact with me (they do live in Texas so breathable material is a good idea) and if you'd like to help in other ways/follow the journey this family is on please check out the following link. It contains written updates as well as pictures and videos of these darling little babies. 



This pattern is now for sale on etsy. It can be found here: Wyatt the Lion


  1. I tested this pattern for Manda and I love Wyatt the Lion. It was really easy adding the limbs and tail to the body using the surface slip stitch. Will be using this procedure for adding limbs from now on. My Wyatt didn't turn out "perfect" but he was made with love and lots of prayers for the 2 little guys.

    Grab this pattern while it is free. You will love it, but more importantly click the link and help support this lovely family.

  2. Precious babies please fight and get stronger. Thank you for sharing this story and the pattern

  3. THANKS for sharing the story! I just lost my first grandson months after he came home from NCIU in Fresno CA! It is still hard for me to hear babies cry and see babies! I never heard my grandson cry he had a trache put in at 3 months old passed away at almost 7 months! You are truly a helpful hand of love for these little guys! I have some things I started crocheting for my grandson still, can't seem to finish them! YOUR FRIEND MANDA!

    1. I am so sorry for your loss :( I can't imagine the pain. I'll pray for your family as well.

    2. Thanks! My son was so proud of his little boy! He is still struggling the most! We all live together a house of 7 I think that helps him out! Please keep me updated on the babies! I read the story and saw the pictures of the babies and was in tears for days! What are you planning on crocheting for little Zeke? I will keep the two handsome guys in my thoughts and prayers! YOUR FRIEND MANDA!

    3. I was thinking I would make Zeke a Giraffe! They have a facebook page now. E-mail me (using the contact me button) and I'll send you the page!