Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Round-Up - 10 Free Easter Patterns

With Easter less then ten days away I know we will ally be cramming in some last minute Easter ideas! Here are TEN ideas all in one place to make the rushing a little easier. 

1) Over at Posh Pooch Designs we have this delightful little family of chicks! This little set would be perfect for any young (or older) child who likes to play with little stuffed animals. You could totally take a yarn needle, and string it through all the chicks (starting with mom) and put knots in the right places to hold the chicks in place and have something similar to that little duck type toy where kid drags mom and mom drags babies! 

2) Over on Lisa's Squidoo page, we see a beautiful pattern for this delightful flower bunny hat. It's so multipurpose! You can leave off the ears and have an adorable bunny beanie for your child, change up the colors to make it boy or girl, leave of the flower for boy specific or get crafty with some Velcro and make the ears and flower add-on optionals!! 

3) If you head over to Cre8tion Crochet, you'll find a delightful variety of patterns, many free. When I saw this hat, I just knew I had to include it. It's classy, beautiful and so full of spring! 

4) Ravelry is an amazing site filled with gifted designers, many who offer free patterns. One of these talented designers is amilovers who offers this adorable chick toy as a free ravelry download! I'm telling you, it doesn't get better then that. The detail is incredible and any child, young or old, is sure to love this! 

5) Moogly is one of the most popular crochet pattern websites out there and it's easy to see why! One of her adorable patterns include these rose appliques that are sure to add some pizazz to any item! 

6) With Easter being in spring, it is understandable that sun hats become a bit popular. But spring is far from the only reason... after all, these hats are amazing! Check out My Hobby is Crochet for this professional yet incredibly cute sun hat pattern. 

7) This beautiful dress features one of MNE Craft's Patterns (yay!) and is perfect, not just for Easter but any holiday. By switching around the colors you can have Halloween (orange & black), Christmas (red & white, green & red) or Valentine's day (pink and white). But since it is Easter, we'll just keep it to some yellow, bluish purple and pink right now. 

8) This little beauty reminds me of my own journey to a healthier lifestyle and how those 1lb bars of chocolate shaped like rabbits throw a bolder into that path. This bunny has the appearance without the calories! Talk about a win. :D Head on over to Delights-Gems for this free pattern! 

9) This pattern was to fantastic not to include in my round-up but is slightly different from the others. The free instructions are add ons to this Bina the Bear pattern which is not free. The egg patterns and rabbit coat and cross stitch designer ARE free and they are beautiful. If you choose not to use the designer's doll, I'm sure your own creativity could figure out a different pattern to use these freebies with! Check out these freebies at Laly Lala!

10) Over at Petals to Pictos, you will find this fantastic Easter basket! I know my little girl would LOVE this and I am considering making it for her. The flowers could be made into hair clips and the clips stuck onto the basket so they'd serve two purposes and you could mix in some beads on it. Oh the things you could do to make this basket special for your little girl. And if you have a little boy, skip the flowers, check out some car appliques and add those on! With crochet, options truly do seem endless! 


  1. I am going to try every one of these patterns, they are too cute

  2. so cute!! Can't wait to try... in a hurry! :)