Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cute But Small - 10 Free Patterns Perfect for Summer

One of the hardest parts, for me, about crocheting in the summer is the darn heat. I get so hot! So, here are a few projects that are small, work up quickly and unique! Enjoy the work 10 different, talanted designers did to make this round-up possible! And of course I had to think of my knitting fans so number 4 is just for you!

1) Tiny Towels!!! brought to you by Celina at Simply Collectible Crochet - These little towels are perfect for toddlers with their itty bitty hands as well as momma's who decide to stick on some make-up. The size of these little towels also make them perfect to take with you! Stock up the diaper bag, throw some in the car for when you forget the diaper bag and just to be sure you have one when you need it, stick it in your purse too! 

2) This Simple Single Crochet Hat by KT and the Squid peaked my interest because most beanies tend to be made with the double crochet. It's stretchies, goes farther and can qork up quicker. That can make finding a perfect single crochet stitch beanie hard to find! Well, search no farther. Oh, ahd that unique little flower there is an added bonus! 

3) When I found this Grapefruit Coaster by Lauren at Daisy Cottage Designers, I giggled. My husband loves grapefruit and being the pinterest mommy & wife that I am, I decided to put some sugar on it and broil it in the even. The goal was carmelization of the natural juices in the fruit and the sugar I had put on it. It looked beautiful in the photo on Pinterest. Instead, my oven caught on fire, the grapefruit burned and our apartment smelled absolutely horrible. Ah well. :p 

4) The talented Tamara at Moogly came up with this beautiful Chinese Waves Pouch. I've dabled in knitting myself a bit but I'm not so sure I'm read to take on this gorgous creation! Though, since the edging is crochet I would at least know how to do part of this project! 

5) Katie's Crochet Goodies are quite good indeed. This Princess Inspired Crochet Hat collection is stunning and sure to make any princess jump for joy! My own daughter is very much into Rapunzel, well she was before Netflix introduced her to the Super Readers but whatever, she'd still love it! 

6) Speaking of my daughter, she loved modeling this next item for me! The Mommy & Me Woven Purse Set made by Amanda at MNE Crafts is small, works up quickly and is perfect for any little girl who wants to have a purse just like mom. 

7) This darling Giraffe Beanie by MandaLynn at Manda Lynn's Crochet Treasures is perfection for girafffe loves everywhere! Absolutely everything about it is perfect. If you have a young one in your life, this is a prop to make for that baby! 

8) This cute Rainbow Bracelet designed by Jessie at Jessie At Home is perfect! It's small, it's easy, it works up incredibly fast! Heck, you'd even have time to make one up to throw in the Easter basket before the bunny comes for your kiddos! 

9) I couldn't rightly get out of here without sharing something about an owl could I? This Stuffed Owl by Lorene at Cre8tion Crochet fits the bill perfectly! It's wildlife, it's nature, it's small, it's cute, it is absolutely perfect! If you love owls, definitely check out this free pattern! 

10) With the farmer market coming up and the beach calling this Pineapple Lace Market Bag by The Crochet Lounge is perfect for this summer! It's classy, elegant and where ever you go, you'll go in style with this over your shoulder. 


  1. Great quickie patterns! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. how do we actually get to the patterns?? or are they just ideas??

    1. Each pattern has a link. The link is the name of each pattern. It should look a different color then the rest of the words and if you click it, it will take you to the pattern.