Friday, April 25, 2014

10 Free Patterns - Sandals

As a mother of two wonderful children, I learned several years ago just how much I love baby feet. They are so tiny! When my daughter was born (she was my first) I would hold my thumb up against her tiny little foot and marvel at how her thumb was barely any larger then my thumb! And I have some small hands. Prior to her birth, when we got baby socks, my husband would obsessively stick them on his own thumb amazed that they would fit. We just couldn't believe feet could be so little! But they can be and size plays no role in how large of an impact those tiny little feet can make on your heart! 

Enjoy these free sandal patterns (don't worry, I threw in some patterns for mom too!)

1) Mary Jane Shoes by Lisa Auch - When I found these I knew they had to be in this round-up. The swirly little flower is so darn adorable and I could just picture my own daughter wearing them! They are absolutely adorable! 

2) Crochet Baby Sandal by Everything's Crochet - These little daisy looking sandals are so cute and so perfect for tiny female feet. What I like most about this pattern is that it achieves fashion without complicated stitches. Sometimes, simple is perfect! 

3) Crochet Baby Sandals by Ashlee Marie - Crochet shoes for little girls are typically an easy find so when I discovered these my first thought was how perfect they would be for my little man! They are cuter then anything I've found in the store and can be made in whatever color/material I choose. That is perfection! 

4) Crochet Baby Sandals by This Lovely Life - When doing my search for free sandal patterns, I right-clicked this pattern to open it in a new tab at least three times. These little shoes were everywhere and they caught my eye every single time they showed up. The conclusion was easy to come to. They must have a spot in this round up! They are simple, they are high in fashion and they are adorable. Plus pink. They are also pink. ;) 

5) Baby Button Gladiator Sandals by Whistle & Ivy - The unique name that goes along with these sandals is absolutely perfect because they are absolutely unique! And the name is gender neutral because if not for the pink, these sandals could easily adorn the feet of a mighty little warrior boy! I'm thinking brown with grey buttons for a little man, perhaps? 

6) The Granny Triangle Flip Flop by The Oxford Family - After all of the patterns involving baby feet, I had to break it up with something for mom. I don't want to give everyone baby fever, after all ;) These flip flops are perfect and practical. Take the soles of some cheapie flip flops from Wal-Mart and turn them into so much more! 

7) Stripes Boy Sandals by Emi Herrington - These little shoes come in sizes from baby all the way to adult. There is a perfect fit for everyone in the family! These shoes are practical, can be made color specific or in colors that will match any outfit! They are what you can call "perfect". hehe Oh and they come as a FREE ravelry download!

8) Baby Crochet Sandals by "the difference is in the details" - These little shoes remind me of the beach, water and sand. I can only assume because of the brilliant use of colors in this image. These little shoes look so "ocean" and "sand" like, it isn't funny. Like, I wish I lived near a beach (that had water) just so I could make some and put them on my child! I specify a beach with water because for most of my life I lived near the largest beach ever and it had absolutely no water. Well, on the surface. Check out the White Sands and your mind will be blown by the beauty! 

9) Flower Power Baby Sandals by - Lovely Little Life - What make me so happy about these sandals is just how much they scream "spring" and "summer" at the same time. We have the green, the red and the adorable baby foot. Again, perfection! Gosh, just look at those little toes!! 

10) Baby Rainbow Sandals by is it a toy - I love bright colors that are also simple. It gives this complicated look that is actually super easy. The criss-cross pattern these shoes have are unique and fun!

Annnnd just because I feel that I left the adults out to much... enjoy this wonderful antique shoe design for mom! 

All I'm going to say is BEAUTIFUL! - Evening Shoes 

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