Friday, March 28, 2014

Lovey Round-Up - 10 Free Lovey Patterns

I made my first Lovey for my son when he was under a year old (he's almost 14 months now). It was my own design and featured a lovely (and large) snowman head with a scarf and a granny blanket. It was quite a big of fun to design. I wrote that pattern down somewhere and need to find it! Until then, check out all of these other awesome lovies by some very creative and talented designers. I even threw in one knit pattern for all of those who love knitting! (#5) 

1) The Tau Crochet Lion Lovie  By Dedri at Look What I Made has this pattern is absolutely beautiful and sure to make any child smile! It's small size makes it perfect for a newborn to start with and a toddler to carry around without dragging it on the group. A little interesting  tidbit the designer includes is the meaning behind the name Tau. It means Lion in one of Africa's 11 official langauges! That's kind of how Disney came up with Simba from The Lion King. Simba means lion  in one of the other African languages. 

2) Let's all hope on over to The Stitchin' Mommy who has this delightful Bunny Lovey that would just be perfect to throw in the easter basket! You can make the blanket any size and with the wonderful granny stitch used, you don't have to worry about to much heat while making it! Not that the weather is staying warm consistantly for it to even be a concern. 

3) RAWR! No child will fear a monster again with this Monster Fleece Lovey by Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me who is amazing at taking some decorative fleece and adding some crochet accent to it. This monster lovey is one of several that this creative designer has out! Other free patterns include her Owl Fleece Lovey, Dinosaur Lovey, and Love Bug Lovey! - That's four fantastic lovey patterns using both crochet and fleece all in one spot! 

4) This Owl Lovey by Jessie at Jessie At Home is a hoot! It features an adorable baby sized owl on the famous granny stitch. This link will take you to more then just a pattern for an owl attached to a blanket. You'll see detailed pictures that will show you what to do every step of the way and give you the tools to attach any number of other animals or objects to a blanke to make a lovey! 

5) Any knitting mommy with a pair of needles and some yarn near by will love this Teething Dolly Lovey by MishiDesigns on Ravelry who has this delightful pattern on Raverly as a free  download! Knowing that babies love putting things in their mouth, MishiDesigns really put some creativity into this lovey by working with organic cotton making it the perfect item for a baby to carry around and chew on all at the same time! 

6) This little critter is one hot item with the little girls right now! This Hello Kitty Lovies by Yarn Artists are another free Ravelry Download. This creative designer also mixes fleece with crochet to arrive at a unique and awesome pattern. This blanket is decorative, handmade and will be a special gift for any child that has a passion for Hello Kitty!

7) With every child needing a special teddy bear this Bear Lovey by Kara at Petals to Picots created this little lovey for her son. She shares the cutest story about her inspiration above the pattern so be sure to check that out! Even better? Her inspiration came from the Monster Fleece Lovey by Repeat Crafter me which is number 3 in this round up! 

8) The circus is considered a fun family event and what better way to bring it home then with this Circus Elephant Lovey is another beautiful design by Dedri at Look What I Made. Apparently Lions are not her only speciality! Above the pattern she states her inspiration as Dumbo and is based off of her regular Elephant Lovey! Dedri clearly loves animals and is amazing at recreating them in crochet form! 

9) With this next Teddy Lovey by Aishakenza at Is It a Toy I was able to step out of my American culture     and learn a new word for the lovey. In france this wonderful item is called a doudou and apparently very       popular! Like with the teething dolly (#5) this designer recommends organic cotton because it is perfect         for baby! 

10) Let's throw our paws in the air like we just don't care for this Puppy Lovey by Sara at Posh Pooch Designs. Sara loves all things dog and what better way to share that love then create something for the little ones that aren't quite ready for a real puppy just yet? 


  1. Thank you for sharing your patterns and your talent with us. I just love the lovey blankets and so will my great grandchildren.

    1. You are so welcome! It was so much fun discovering and compiling these fantastic patterns.

    2. Thank you very much for sharing these fabulous patterns with us. I absolutely adore them.

  2. Amanda, I am thrilled to bits that you included my two Lovies, have I told you yet?

    Thank you so much for the nice things you've said about them. They are quite close to my heart :)