Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Getting Knotty" Head Wrap

Hook: I
Material: Red Heart Super Saver
Gauge: 2 rows = 1.5”
Size: Adult (can be altered for smaller sizes)
Special stitches:
-          V-stitch – dc, ch 1, dc all in same st

-          Ch – chain
-          Sc – single crochet
-          St – stitch
-          Dc – double crochet

Hints & Tips:
-          When doing color changes, make sure you keep your yarn on one side of the project. You need a “front” and a “back”. All of the yarn that is being carried along for color changes should be in the “back”.
-     To make a smaller size, do not make as many rows.So, for a toddler, I'd only make 55 rows rows.
-      To make this a headband, only crochet about 30-32 rows depending on your head size. 

With color A
Row 1) Ch 6, sc in 2nd st from hook, sc to end
Row 2) Ch 2, dc in first st, change to color B, skip next st, v-stitch in next st, change to color A, skip next st, dc in last st
Row 3- 65) Repeat row 2
Row 66) Ch 1, sc in never st across – 5 sc

Join first and last row together to form a ring, with the right side of the project facing away from you, slip stitch or sew the two ends together. You want the seam facing in rather than out just like you would a clothing seam. 

How to Twist

Form a heart with your finished head wrap.

Cross the V of the heart so that it forms a circle within the heart. 

Twist the circle in the heart. 

Take the larger circle on the outside and the small circle on the inside and pull them so they are even. You will now have two loops that wrap around eachother. This is the "knot" look that you see in the photo at the top. 

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