Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Emy Beanie - Picture/Fan Shout Out!

This little beauty was done by CherriBlssm and shared on Ravelry:
She took the toddler pattern and converted it to an adult size! Beautiful job!

This unique spin on the Emy Beanie was done by Sascheibeler and shared on  Ravelry:
Beautiful job and what a unique spin to the pattern! I love it!

This unique spin on the Emy Beanie was done by Sascheibeler and shared on  Ravelry: 
This is a creative idea! Way to go!! 

This little beauty was created by HappyHooker485 and shared on Ravelry:
You did such a wonderful job! I know a LOT of Cowboy Fans who would absolutely love to wear this!

This original pattern was followed by CricketCrochetnit and shared on Ravelry:
It turned out beautiful and I love the colors! Good job!

This is another original made by Aunt Mel's Handiwork on shared on Facebook:
You did a wonderful job! It turned out beautiful (and I love the lighter tones mixed with the dark tones in the heart!)

Opposites Hats! These were made by Darlene L. shared via my facebook page:
Thank you so much for sharing! I love the concept behind this. 

Mommy & Me Set! Made by De'Anna G shared via my facebook page:
I just love the pom-pom bow on top! Adorable!

I cannot describe how amazing it is to log on to ravelry, my e-mail or see a link in the comments to a website sharing a photo of an item someone created using one of my patterns. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! And always feel free to share photos with me!