Friday, January 24, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Creations from 2013

I had an amazing year in 2013. I thought I would share a post of my 10 favorite projects and the pattern (be it for free or the link to where you can buy it).

2) Finger Knit Rainbow Scarf 

I absolutely loved making this scarf! I made some with the clouds and some without. It was probably one of the most time consuming projects I made as well as one of the most challenging. Once I started, my hands were completely tied up and when you have children, well... you might end up starting over! 

This pattern is from: The link is:

I don't know if I'm just a wee bit special when it comes to finger knitting, but I had to look up some youtube tutorial videos before I could figure it out but I got it. I also used a calculator on my computer to help me keep track of stitch count which allowed for each row to be more even towards the end. I originally tried just doing one and then making the second one just as long but that shrunk the overall scarf by a LOT when it came to sewing them all together. My stitch count was 120. This makes about a 6foot scarf, longer if you use the clouds as that kind of weighs each end down.

2) Dispicable Me Minion Hat 

I ended up purchasing this pattern from Cathyren's Etsy shop after a customer showed me an image and asked me to duplicate it. I didn't think it looked that challenging and figured "sure!" After all, it's just a character beanie right? Turns out, that little mouth was harder to figure out than I thought and the designer who came up with it is incredibly talented. Mad props to her!

This beanie is different then most character beanies for several reasons. The first is the arms, the second is the mouth and the third... that would be the removeable eye. I thought that little part of it was particularly neat! - This pattern can be found at:

3) Winter Boots 

This little pattern was designed by yours truly and was a handful! The pattern was totally worth the work involved though. They are soft, stylish and perfect for any baby that is in that stage of starting to crawl, stand and walk. The pattern was designed for the 6-12 month range and is perfect for any princess. You can even make a boy design by switching out the heart buttons and removing the fringe. What I did for a boy pair I made was I used a ch 3 and sl st around the edge of the hat and accented the bottom of the foot and around all the edging with a darker shade of the brown I used. 100% cute!

This pattern (along with four others) can be bought at:

4) Mermaid Tail Prop 

This was another one of my favorite creations from 2013. Like the previous, I designed this one and have it listed for free on this blog. What I particularly liked about this pattern was that I used it to make two other sizes of tail! 

This matching sibling set was perfect and the larger tail was opened so it still allowed for walking!

Then this tail was a Dora copycat tail and absolutely adorable! 

This fun little pattern can be found here:

5) Textured Newsboy Beanie

This little beauty takes forever to make! It's an interesting little pattern and its 100% cute. I originally made it for my daughter and then had a purchase for several more of them. There is just something about it. Now, I did change up the pattern when it came to the flower. I prefered this decorative edging and the flower I usually do for my projects. I don't actually know what pattern for the flower is in the instructions as I didn't look. That flower is cute too though! If you're interested in doing this flower, the main thing is the three layers, and the edging around the outside one is ch 1, sl st in next st, ch 1, sl st in next st all the way around. It just works for it! 

This hat was an ety purchase (which I made in bulk from the seller who gives a discount if you buy more than one). The etsy shop is bubnut Patterns and this pattern can be found here:

2013 was a wonderful year for me and I'm sure 2014 will be just as amazing!! 

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