Thursday, January 9, 2014

Newborn Rose Booties

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Perfect Rose Booties
Hook: I
Gauge:  3 rows = 1 inch (Measures 3.5” long, 1.8” tall, 1.5” wide)

  1.  Ch 7, 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 4 ch, 7 sc in last ch, 4 sc down other side, 2 sc in last st, join to first sc with sl st – 20 sc
  2.  Ch 1, 2 sc in next 3 st, sc in next 4, 2 sc in next 7, sc in next 4, 2 sc in last 2, join to first sc with sl st – 32 sc
  3. Ch 1, sc in back loop of every st around, join to first sc with sl st – 32 sc
  4.  Ch 1, sc in next 10, dc dec 7 times, sc in next 8 st, join to first sc with sl st – 25 sc
  5.  Ch 1, sc in next 9, dc dec 5 times, sc in next 6 st, join to first sc with sl st – 20 sc
  6. Ch 1, sc in next 8, sc dec 4 times, sc in next 4 st, join to first sc with sl st – 16 sc
  7. Ch 1,*sl st in next st, ch 1* around, join to first with sl st, tie off.

Make 2. Glue or sew (depending on what kind of flower you use) to the top of each bootie. 


  1. I just found your blog through the yarn box. I had a quick question, a silly one :) could I ask where you find the little plastic feet for your shoe displays? I sell little boots and have been looking for some for displays and photos, etc. Would love if you could send me the right way. Oh and I pinned several of your patterns, am really loving the little mermaid tail!

    1. Thank you! And sure. If you go to KMart or BabiesRUs and look at some of their socks... you'll see some that come in boxes and have the little feet in them to hold the socks up. You have to buy the socks... but it gives you the little plastic feet. :p

  2. Gaw, I never thought of that. I've been looking everywhere lol. Thank you! Guess I'm gonna go buy some socks, never can have too many!

  3. Can you please tell me which yarn I need so I can make these. So simple but so pretty. Thankyou for the pattern

  4. Do you allow people to sell items that they make from your patterns? Credit for the pattern would be given to you of course. I just always like to make sure. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes I do :) I also don't require credit given. You can of course share the link as often as you'd like. If you scroll to the top, in the tabs you'll see a "terms of use" tab and that should tell you everything. :D

      And I always enjoy seeing photos on my fb page as well!