Thursday, January 3, 2013

Newborn Leg Warmers

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Size: Newborn
Price: $20
Price of pattern: $2.50

Ignore that  :p this pattern is currently free until I can make the proper revisions and it might stay free after that too. The problem with the pattern is sizing so I do not have an updated sizing info but if you can decode this:

They were to small around. 

I started off with a chainless hdc - do this until it will be wide enough when joined - join, ch 1, you are then going to do a front post hdc and then a back post hdc around - Ch 1 and repeat with fphdc on fphdc and bphdc on bphdc. Then repeat once more for a total of 4 rows- I did alternate colors here using white first. 
The next row is where you see the pink in my photo  and that is single crochets around, join with sl st 
Then do a double crochet around (that is the next white) 
For the next row where you see the decorative line that is alternating pink and white you crochet pink and then white alternating all the way around.
The next row you will dc in back loops only. 
Next 2 rows are dc in both loops 
Now you are working what you just did but in reverse. You will dc with pink and then white alternating each color every stitch - pink, white, pink white, pink etc
Next dc in back loop only
sc in the pink around 
Now dc with your white (or whatever color you used with the front post and back posts stitches at the start) around. 
Fphdc, bphdc in next row all the way around, Do this three more times fphdc in fphdc and bphdc in bphdc around. After you have the same number of rows of bp and fp stitches, join and tie off.

Sew a buton in the second row of dc where you did three straight rows of dc all in the same color.

It should give you enough info to make them. I will be working on getting this pattern redone with larger sizes than just newborn as well! 

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Size: Newborn
Hook: J

(Round 1) Ch 20, join with sl st to first ch, ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc around, join to top of ch 3 with sl st – 20 dc
(Round 2) Ch 2 (does not count as dc), fpdc around first dc (the ch 3), bpdc around the next dc, *fpdc around the next dc, bpdc around the next dc*around, join with sl st to first fpdc (no the ch 2) – 20 dc
(Round 3) Ch 2 (does not count as dc), *fpdc around first dc, bpdc around next dc*, join with sl st to first fpdc (not the ch 2) – 20 dc
(Round 4) Repeat round 3
(Round 5) Ch 3, dc in every stitch around, join with sl st to top of ch 3 – 20 dc
(Round 6) Ch 3, cluster in next dc, *dc in next 3 dc, cluster in next dc* around, join with sl st to top of ch 3 – 5 clusters ; 15 dc
(Round 7 & 8) Repeat round 5
(Round 9 & 10) Repeat round 3
(Round 11) Repeat round 5
(Round 12) Repeat round 6
(Round 13 & 14) Repeat round 5
(Round 15 – 17) Repeat round 3
Tie off
Make 2. 


  1. What yarn did you use and what size hook?

    1. I use I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby though a light yarn will work as well (like a 3 instead of a 4). I used an H hook or an I hook but have a tight tension so its possible to use those sizes and it come out to big. With that said, I have to update the pattern to add a bit in width to ensure it fits well over babies with chunkier legs which a larger gauge would accomplish. :)

      Newborns sometimes have real chunky legs and sometimes don't so if the legs are chunkier you'd want a larger gauge.

  2. hi, quick probably stupid question lol, most patterns that call for a cluster ask for 3 dc in one stitch, is this the case with this pattern?

    1. Here is a link to the cluster stitch

      When I do a cluster, that's how I do it. It's kind of like 3 dc in one but they all have the same top, if that makes sense. Hope the link helps!

  3. Hi Amanda, My question is what size hook do you use for these newborn leg warmers?

    1. If you have a loose tension I would suggest H. If you have a tight tension I would use I. I have a tight tension so I use hook I.

  4. How do I pay for this pattern? I want to be able to download it.
    It is very pretty.

  5. These are lovely. How do I purchase them? I would like to be able to download the pattern. P.S. I need this asap. Before Tuesday if possible.

    1. I am so sorry but this pattern isn't available. There were some errors on it and I've not put out the correct version yet. I forgot to edit this post. I am very sorry.

    2. send me an e-mail at and I can tell you the stitches I used and in what order so you can put a set together or get it pretty darn close to this!