Friday, December 28, 2012

Ribbed V-Stitch Leg Warmers

(Clicking the picture will enlarge it)

Size: 18-24 months

Hook - G

1)      Ch 30, join to first ch with sl st to form a ring, ch 3 (counts as first dc), dc behind every chain around (not in the front loop or the back loop but the little loop in the ‘back’) – 29 dc

2)      (Make sure the ‘front’ of your stitches is on the outside) – Ch 2 (doesn’t count as a stitch), FPDC around first dc, *BPDC around next dc, FPDC around the next dc* repeat around (at the end you will have a FPDC, the ch 2 will appear to be the missing BPDC so ending with a FPDC is supposed to happen), join with sl st to top of ch 2.

3-4) Repeat round 2

5)  sl st to first BPDC, ch 4, dc in same st (first v-stitch), *dc in next bpdc, v-stitch in next bpdc*                            around (at the end you will be short one bpdc, to compensate and keep the right number of  stitches you will put a v-stitch in a fpdc and then dc in the next bpdc) – 8 v-stitch; 8 ch 1 sp; 8 dc

6) sl st into first v-stitch, v-stitch, bpdc in next dc, *v-stitch in next v-stitch, bpdc in next dc*around, join with sl st to top of ch 3

7-20) repeat round 6

21) Dc in ever dc around – 25 dc (is smaller than top because the thigh is larger than the foot/ankle)

22-24) Repeat round 2 – 25 dc

Tie off. 


  1. So super cute! Your pattern was featured today on Moogly!

  2. do you have an adult version of this pattern? my sister loves how cute they are and wants them in her size! lol

    1. Formally, no. The trick is making it a pattern. Chain until it will go around her legs. Going by what I put here, you want an odd number of dc. In this one I have 29 so for a large size... maybe do 39. And then follow the directions just adding in the additional stitches and length. Does that make sense?